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  1. Well, if the owner of the name "vanity" read this, contact me to sell the name. ducking lvl 1.
  2. I have a new idea. You all make female characters, and we can be all part of Hassn's personal harem.
  3. I don't find any sense in this stuff but well, i'll be happy if someone like it and be able to do it. NO to the attributes u r talking off OR allow female marry female, so i can marry Eva or Loveable or even both and make my stats super high 8)
  4. galm flight, http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_(TV_series) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Little_Liars_(TV_series)
  5. galm flight, You didn't replied to my question. Bb asap. Once upon a time and Pretty little liars are my main duty now.
  6. galm flight, 2/3 Sorry, Once Upon a time last episode downloaded, later Pretty Little Liars Finale, exiting and sad. Brb.
  7. galm flight, i'm glad of it. But tell me, if there were no rewards, no bonus stats, do you think ppl will be working that hard to lvl up the guilds? Spending time or money to buy unity pots and unity signs?
  8. Not agree. Before complaining about druids expert skill which MAY work, i'd focus on the shamans one. Plus, druid hadn't got a skill like that, only roots, but it works only on Bd, pala, DK, Barb, Rogues.
  9. galm flight, Do you have a druid? Oh i forget to say i'm fully agree whit it not being working all the time.
  10. Trizzz, Nothing wrong, but it still doesn't make players do a "fair" pvp. Just imagine an AoA vs a Punisher, or another normal, not rich guild. The pvp will be definitely unbalanced, or at least just in my eyes. No guild, no pots, no scrolls, just you, your gear, your stats and your enemy. This is the right combination for me, to call a pvp 100% right. Maybe i just need to feel comfortable whit the news and stop to think about how is used to be. And well, i like the way you talk about guilds, as a way to build something whit your friends. But once again, maybe i'm not friendly or idk, but in future updates will be increased the guilds levels, and so, more people will be joining, it's not anymore about friendship. Maybe it was in the start, when only 10/20 ppl were in it. Actually, when i log my characters lots of strangers ask me to join to their guilds, or just invite me, even if they do not know me. So hell no, its about stats, power, rewards. Only few guilds are created whit a basement of friendship. So for me, the guilds are just a way to earn money, If i want to be whit my friends, i don't need to be in one.
  11. Everything is going wrong in this game. I know its off-topic but, you talked about healers low hp. Everything is based on money, right now. Even hp and def bonus depends on which guild you are part of.
  12. Balanced? Please. Just go and check the attack/defence/sopport status of the different classes. Druid and Shamans has exactely the same "status" but, if you focus a little bit on the skills, you can notice its not that balanced. Actually roots can't block healers and rangers attack, but the shamans blind skill works on every class. Now, the expert skills, druids one is really good, but it fails a lot, the new expert skill for shaman is just.. well, i don't need to say anything about it. They can blind you, they can heal theirself, they can use a shield so if you reach to hit them, you hit urself. Sounds great. Check necro vs priest too. I don't mean i want healers to be damned weak, whit a non-sense low damage, but right now it's not balanced. Tanks do have a really higher defence and attack status, but it become "useless" against, for example, shamans. I can own all the defence possible, and the most higher attack, but it's really hard to beat a good shaman. You can reach to atk them, and they just need to blind me, heal them, atk me, use the shield, and so, even if i atk them, i hit on myself. Oooh, yeah, that's why now we have the possibility to waste more money on ampling amulets and rings, for a higher magic def. So great. But after all, I don't know why damn i am complaining. Things wont change, i'm not playing much and so, let me shut up.
  13. luleee, yep i meant that one. Love the dress too, i just want it a little shorter, loooove it! XD
  14. Jswaaz, i've never been in one :'(
  15. Hindustan, luleee, well, tell me when it is in Germany and i'll be there xD Wanna go to the beer festival too xD for sure!
  16. Here the view by Galaxy s4. It was bigger in the past, but it was so hard to write and see the chat, everything was soooo small and thats why we had a totaly full view. I don't have any SS of that time, but me and Suprememan posted it long time ago.
  17. naonw, seriously xDxDxDxDxD
  18. Balanced game. My priest has the weapon +8 and the rest even lower. Random party for easy mode. My priest did more dmg than the Ranger and almost the same dmg as the pala. Also took the most of the dmg. Healers being only healers is just a fairy tale.. well,there was no need to post any random photo, everybody knows how the game is right now,and how much unbalanced it is.
  19. nadon, wat damn it is!! ♡♡♡
  20. -TuBy-, You are so nice, as always. You really look soo beauty in the photos, and as Mecha said, everyone has their own opinion, but i also think straight hair suits you even more! Beauty @}-
  21. Also xxmesixx is a scammer. He offered me 30k for a set of signs and instead he gave me 3k. On my priest. Well, not a big deal cus i was selling the sets for 20k but be carefull.
  22. I don't know... in the past i used to have a premium account on IMVU and it allowed voice messages, i rarely used it... From the moment it will suck if u need a premium account on ws idk what to say,i think it can cause even more lags... Plus,it will be annoying if everybody can just send to you a vocal message. You have no idea about wat some perverts write, and believe me, i prefer to read it, than listen it. Ewww.
  23. Deltaman, sure! I already added ur mcs in my f.list. You find me on Vanityx in mc side, or Cherryby elf side.
  24. Deltaman, better than nothing. I'm in.
  25. ŚמĨ3ěяġήθşţ, =O So bad i don't have more gold in US. Ooooh! Still - trade gold from mc to elf eu
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