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  1. OnceAgain We Are Recruiting If Interested Pm Lord Dain Thanks
  2. GreatJob On CL Guys Let's Get The Rest Next :dirol:
  3. NoWorries I'll Catch You Up When You're on
  4. From Texas So I Live In sand And I'm Used To Wearing Boots And Kicking Ass Don't Confuse Me With Someone From You're Third World Country... And I Have Owned You And Will Always Own You In Pvp. 8)
  5. HoldUp No One Worships Him ... HeJust Figures He CanGet Attention And You Elves Feed It To Him On A Silver platter :facepalm:
  6. Cute, You Must Be Delusional, Especially If You Think This Proves You're Good :dirol:
  7. Definitely As Soon as A Position Opens Or When We Lvl The Guild, Just Pm Me And I'll Run Over the Expectations With You.
  8. I HateTo Say It But Poley Is Pretty Cool And Always Respectful To Bad She Is A Elf..... Other Than That She Is Only Char I'll Walk By UnlessIts War... Ijs
  9. WE Need A Meeting Soon To Discuss Some Rules And GeT Some Clarification On Other Stuff ForYou Guys Also Planning A Cl Run NextWeek GetWith Me So I Know What Bosses You Need.
  10. I Can Only Say I Have One Of The Best Guilds Around You Guys Took Forever For Me To Find But I'm Glad I Didn't Stop Looking. mercenary Are Trained Elite And You Guys Hardly Needed Training :dirol:
  11. I'll RaceYou! Lol GoodLuck!! hope We ALL MakeIt Before Elf Side Does... :drinks:
  12. Currently We Are no Longer Recruiting.... Time To Become BadAss :dirol:
  13. Hey We Gotta post HeadHunters Results
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