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  1. Thanks 8) and good job all who participated in this.
  2. WE BACK! 8) check this out ====V Warspear Online - Anonymous Clan - Fall of Eye!
  3. Also everyone who needs thier black suit of chosen...should let me know in game so that ican get that for u just pm me Champz ofcourse
  4. Thanks fopr considering our clan 8) we appreciate ur interest
  5. ALERT: Also i would like to remind everyone about our farm this weekend.. We will be farming Eye (Khaz Maar) this SATURDAY AFTER 6 PM if u would like to participate please be on around that time.. We ARE ANONYMOUS!
  6. Also rank up Silversun, Darkquesse, Waztale, & Timeuss for thier activeness and good work #salute to u guys :yahoo: :rofl:
  7. Add my Friend Kingzanelvl 19 Druid(Howardglvl 20 BD, Gkinglvl 20 Ranger) to the list of active clan members thank you.
  8. not to be rude karan but why are u still in our thread...u left the clan did u not?
  9. due too past members who say we gank in pvp cave kingfred u will go under watch by selected members. if u do not fit our style then unfortunatley u will not be able to join us.
  10. u the only one who left.. and ur the only one with lvl 18 plus mc not to mention your other rogues and etc. u also wasnt as active as other members. so not to be rude but u were rarely with us anyway. im just saying :unknw:
  11. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: icant believe this -.-, welll good luck in your mc characters, we fb firstly anyway if u have high lvl mc please continue to play that we will be fine. :nea:
  12. if ican recall MC (Mountain Clan Players!) have to apart in this war.. for u guys to come here and blame us is unfair. I being the leader of this clan do not consent for war in pvp when we are there we always together I SEEEE EVERYTHING. War is a result of u mc, believe or not we there for a reason we wannna pvp tooo..so please dont come blamin my clan when allll u ganking mc get killed by us. we will not be run over. sorry and ty
  13. it was more of pvp cleaning then anything. We close nit so we wont allow any members to be ganked no matter what #Respect
  14. we are gonna slow down on on recruiting classes other than Priest, Druids, Mages
  15. add Darkquesse lvl 16 Ranger to list of active clan members hes clear :good:
  16. Add Mrsxlove lvl 16 ranger to list of active clan members :good:
  17. igave u the costume already lol
  18. also Add Venomarrow lvl 18 ranger to list of active clan members, hes a good friend :good:
  19. hello all iappologize for my absence ive been working like crazy for black fridays etc (all nighters working) but now thats its done ill be back to my normal play time so everyone prepare for our activities to resume :dirol: 8) WE ARE ANONYMOUS CLAN also if u havent added me u really should so we can get to know one another! and ican supply u your clan costume.. u must be in the clan for a reasonable amount of time to recieve the costume. that is allllllllll... 8)
  20. yea Add Silversun lvl 15 BD to the list of active members, hes clear
  21. Sounds Good 8) ill figure out a day we can all go
  22. haha sup waztale did u enjoy the video? :dirol:
  23. Im Asking everyone to try to get online on saturday we will have a series of filmed events pending on how many people we have online 8) :dirol: 8) :dirol:
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