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  1. WHERE is legionn?? DUDE don't abandon us again, let someone take over if u can't be here. YOU made this guild, now lead it or step down. :bomb: >:D
  2. I thought for sure that my costume would place but guess not :\ weird judging. Congrats to the winners though.
  3. The New and improved costume is really nice for female great job.
  4. Yea its mine :\ turns out there more than just alipinmo they have a whole string of scammers beware of ctwomenzz and watch iriishh bd also
  5. This is a dev in game lol gave me repair scroll while running test
  6. He got me with this trick and stole my forest werewolf... :facepalm:
  7. Few days till Contest!? :search: :shok:
  8. Looks like its clearly from another game. :( :crazy: :facepalm:
  9. Kinda looks like pumpkin head Jack costume but other then that looks alright. :pardon:
  10. Wow thanks man that makes me feel a lot better cause ur kind of like a mini judge. Ty
  11. Check out this link and tell me what u think.! http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=91415.0
  12. iFeel like this costume is the hardest to compete with.
  13. I Really hope I win lol thanks for support :yahoo: :pleasantry:
  14. Sent from deep within the astral labyrinth by his mother (Medusa) as a messenger to chosen and mountain clan of the arise of medusa's astral armada and her plan too take control of the lands outside of the labryinth walls! Inspired by the previous age of Warspear in which medusa was a center piece. The head swarmed with snakes and vipers like his mother found in the astral labyrinth. His vestments dark blue with a zipper up to neck and facial area. His face usually concealed by the Anbu mask to prevent turning allies to stone but is halfway revealed to his enemies. Son of Medusa costume :yahoo: By yours truely. Made more changes in different colors to show my vision :) Hope u like Now in yellow/Gold & Red Thanks for support
  15. This was my final idea plz give feedback ;) :yahoo:
  16. something of this manner might be nice give thoughts plz. ;D :yahoo:
  17. i think in-game admins would be a smart decision to help players have a fair chance against scammers and bugs. maybe trusted players can become in-game admins or moderators.
  18. Why are ex-members always on our thread? >:D
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