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  1. WHERE is legionn?? DUDE don't abandon us again, let someone take over if u can't be here. YOU made this guild, now lead it or step down. :bomb: >:D
  2. I thought for sure that my costume would place but guess not :\ weird judging. Congrats to the winners though.
  3. The New and improved costume is really nice for female great job.
  4. Yea its mine :\ turns out there more than just alipinmo they have a whole string of scammers beware of ctwomenzz and watch iriishh bd also
  5. This is a dev in game lol gave me repair scroll while running test
  6. He got me with this trick and stole my forest werewolf... :facepalm:
  7. Few days till Contest!? :search: :shok:
  8. Looks like its clearly from another game. :( :crazy: :facepalm:
  9. Kinda looks like pumpkin head Jack costume but other then that looks alright. :pardon:
  10. Wow thanks man that makes me feel a lot better cause ur kind of like a mini judge. Ty
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