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  1. Dear Nolan I tested a few like games, Warrhamer oddysay "," Celtic Heroes ", "Adventure quest" in any of the above-mentioned games have not encountered an internet problem. In Warspear, the problem appears when I change the size of the interface or the game itself. Then the message "slow internet connection" appears. The problem disappears when the game remains at default settings. I decided to share this information with you. Thank you again for your quick reply :)
  2. Hi in few days i hv problem with the game. I Play on 3 smartphones and one pc. I hv stable internet (play on-line on PS4 without problem).In Warspear most time i cant Play.My Internet is stable but i hv "slow Internet connection" almost all time.Sometimes game even stop.Idk what is the problem ,on smartphone i hv Android 11 on PC Windows 11.Before i dont hv that problem.Its like one week.
  3. Ok ok ... I hv question aby skill suggestion for full staff user?Weakness i working good i dont think that's -30% working correctly?
  4. Rly i dont care about dog,i think warrior heal id too low,srly i know its not shaman but...u know what u mean
  5. Well u hv right i think heal is too low...about dog shoud be based on stats and lv
  6. Hi all mayby im wrong but warrior hraling skille isnt too low on 206 magic power heal 127 skill is lv 5... Well i know its not shaman oraz necro but cost is big cool down also ...sooo something od wrong?Or charmer is like medium class...
  7. Why being rare Coz warrspear getting worse... There is no fun like some years ago...
  8. Witam wszystkich! Dla tych co są znudzeni polecam grę która wyszła jakiś czas temu w Japonii ale mamy już obecnie angielską wersję w Google play. Jest to mmo 3D typ action. Jest pvp, jest arena, specjalne monety coś jak "mc" zdobywasz za trofea więc nie musisz wydawać realnej kasy. 4klasy podstawowe Swordsman Scout(ranger) Cleric Magician (warlock, mage) Każda z klas ma 2 formy adv class Gra śmiga płynnie, jest market, sporo osób gra, są Gildie. Field bossowie. Co do muzyki to jest ok. Grafika nie zachwyca ale gra za to szybko śmiga. Są, avatary, craft(blacksmith npc) Gra ma nietypowy system rozwoju ponieważ exp to nie wszystko a liczy się grind, dlaczego? Każdy może może drobna tzw stat Ball np vit+1 co zwiększa hp i tak jest z każdą statystyka. Więc można naprawdę fajnie rozwinąć postać bez wydawania kasy. Polecam sprawdzić może komuś przypadnie do gustu, gra wciąż się rozwija i jest planowana nowa klasa. Jedyny minus to mały bag ale mamy możliwość odkładania rzeczy do magazynu, kasę zdobywa się fajnie. Większych problemów nie zauważyłem.
  9. Hello I was buying Nexus 6 with Android M 6.0.1 Well game not opening not even reacting just black screen, please fix this
  10. Well in my opinion necro need passive skill like idk life steal % we pay hp why not get hp. It's True necro skills are more atk based, passive skills like necro can block incoming atk or reduce dmg idk exactly. Life transfusion be also nice like aoe drain skill from mobs, other players. It's many option necromancer are wizards of death so second heal skill not suit. But draining hp or summon bone wall to reduce atk will be nice.
  11. Ohh sorry I didn't read that correctly. Well my only reason is I just want to log on my email I always use.
  12. Really? Please tell me how to do this Coz I hv only change password option
  13. Good morning all sorry for this rather noob topic but I hv a little problem. I want to change login of my character like I do this before. But when I want to do this I hv only option to Chang password it's something wrong before I can change my login. WHY I ask because, I make 2 accounts and characters on them later I delete chars from one account (login) now I just want to use that login on account I hv chars. Any solve on that?
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