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  1. :'(Look over ur update before making it going out because this updste have way to many bugs 1. you cant teleport its going to disconnect u 2. When ur hunting boss low everyone disconnect. 3. evrryone got bad connection all i see on my friend list is user has enter the sever then user left the sever like 39times fix please. Not fun :mega_shok:
  3. :facepalm:Rouges dont gotta do shit they can run and hide all day and attack when they. think ur not paying attention then when they half dead they run or gouge you. Beat a rouge cant win with out steatlh :mega_shok:
  4. :shok: 1715! with steatlth 1225! without stealth +9 flamage blade +6 tried blade
  5. My Mage / Warlock so powerfull :yahoo: for being rich sorry noobs that i raped u :sorry:o
  6. YAY! I GOT TO PLAY AND SEE MY BOYFRIEND I LOVE.HIM :yahoo: :yahoo: WE NEED MORE ELFS ON EU MCS ARE Tking over :facepalm: Update fix but after a few quest or walling it starts to lag :shok:
  7. FIX andriod update it want let us log on its keep saying data caching and its always a long black screen i miss my boyfriend :'( :cray: :cray:
  8. Lmao the best clan.Alot pros :shout:
  9. I miss kazien i wanna rejoin on update :blush:
  10. LOL KITTY CLAN VS PANDAS this the real pinkheart kid stop trying to take my names :pleasantry:
  11. Hey wwhy are there alot of rich gamers that stay lv6 and mess up nun rich :facepalm:gamers arena ranking :facepalm: im rich now and i dont even do that
  12. pinkwave

    advanced skills

    Druid need faster reaction so they can get through lab :dirol: fast like the shamans
  13. Shygirl the best druid :shok: :rofl:
  14. I waited all last night for the update now its morning and i dont see it :facepalm:
  15. Less arena lag new maps more spaces and stop the glitch when ur lvl 18 with a lv18 teamate and u battle lv19-20 its unfair :shok:
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