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  1. I have a few Rank 3 items still, and I would agree the stats look better overall. I've kept DPS logs and swapped gear over the period of a week trying to find the best combo.
  2. I've seen you around xranger, I'm on Zharks team as well, we'll add you and knock them out!
  3. Great! I haven't been on today, work and house work has been keeping me busy =( I'd love to see the belt and add it to the Armory. Our drop rate has been VERY low. maybe 2 drops during an entire day of farming... I'd say 2 drops in 16 kills... but thats a rough guess, no real stats logged yet.
  4. Likewise, if I see you on or vice-versa, send me a msg and Ill be glad to help Thank you.
  5. You say that Qualitative Ring was a Kratt drop? nice. We had it drop from Dinalt. If it in fact did drop from Kratt, I will update the Armory and include Kratt as a Mini-Boss that can give Qualitative Ring. Keep the posts coming, I'd love to see what other drops your team gets from killing the Bosses Great work!
  6. Palmore

    HELLO! :)

    Welcome Zombie201, glad to have you aboard! What server do you play on?
  7. Don't worry wofldragon99, there are kind and helpful players out there =) Just few and far between. Again, welcome to the forums and welcome to warpsear online. Thank you for posting your contribution, it's appreciated.
  8. In the spirit of Slay's F.O.F. Clan log book, here is the D.n.D. Clan Book =) D.o n.ot D.ie US - Sapphire Taking down Dinalt Taking down Maraksha Good bye Kratt! Zhark, Tidis and myself have been farming Dinalt and Maraksha pretty much every day for the last week. The drop rate has been very very low. But we have been able to consistently take both Bosses down with a team of 3 - 2 Blade Dancers and 1 Druid. All the loot has been logged in the Warspear Armory and is listed below Dinalt Light Boilersuit Firm Mail Gloves Safe Leather Gloves Qualitative Ring Maraksha Safe Quilted Jacket Wicker Belt As more items are found we will update the Warspear Armory as well as share them here in our Clan Book. Cheers!
  9. Sounds great, thank you very much for the reply and info. I've been wanting that staff and will look forward to the new quests coming down the pipe.
  10. As I compiled a list of gear I realized I almost have a full set of "Decorated" gear. Good-Looking Mantle Elegant Cowl Decorated Medallion Twisted Staff Decorated Smock Decorated Belt Decorated Gloves Excellent Ring Excellent Ring Decorated Boots Yet no where in-game have I found a Decorated helm slot or back slot. Do these items exist? i.e. Decorated Hood and Decorated Mantle. What are the set bonuses if I do have the entire gear set? or has that been coded in the game yet? Also, where in the world is the Carved Staff Quest or Boss drop? I've heard it was a quest, yet I've also heard that quest reward has changed. I've completed 2 quests where the reward was Decorated Boots. Did I get shorted a Carved Staff in exchange for 2 pair of the same boots as a quest reward? My Druid class is already under powered, low health and low armor, average damage that equal any other class currently. Thus to the admins / dev team my questions are. Where can I get a Carved Staff Does a Decorated Helm and Backslot exist? If so where? and Lastly What is the set bonus for having all the items, or do those items not exist cause the set bonus has yet to be programmed? Thank you very much
  11. At the time I was hunting "Centaurs from the North" in Field of Bloody Heather. Side note I've updated all my gear links to data in the Armory I just wish my DPS was higher to equal my lack of armor, being a tissue class. Repair and food costs keep me from making a profit.
  12. I've been tracking each fight by hand in notepad during my daily quests. Since I've been logging this information i figured I would share it here. First off, my gear. (I wish I could get the Carved Staff, but I understand the Quest has changed? It's no longer available?) Good-Looking Mantle Elegant Cowl Decorated Medallion Twisted Staff Decorated Smock Decorated Belt Decorated Gloves Excellent Ring Excellent Ring Decorated Boots Attack Stats Electrical - 667 Critical 210 / 7.8% Accuracy 52 /0.6% Penetration 52/0.6% Actual hit details.... Max hit 70 Max crit 140 Fight details (each hit, total, divided by 3, then by amount of hits) 65 58 62 65 139 --- 25.93 389 Dodge 70 65 60 59 58 59 --- 17.6 371 63 67 58 61 70 67 --- 21.4 386 69 127 66 70 --- 27.6 332 58 67 69 59 58 64 --- 20.83 375 69 63 70 58 60 61 --- 21.16 381 60 60 61 60 63 60 --- 20.2 364 With a grand total of 25.16 Damage each second during battle. Anyone else care to share their setup? Also as I import more gear into the Warspear Armory, I will update the links above in my gear list. Thank you.
  13. I will agree with saying the game has great potential, and can become a very popular and widely adopted game. The basic mechanics exist in the game, yet to make a step forward some changes need to be made. Such as; Scheduled content updates, with Twitter, Facebook and in Game alerts we should know when and what updates are coming. Well documented game details, level caps and the like. Better gear options, we've spent 2 days farming Bosses to only get 5 drops, 5 drops in maybe 6 hours of combined Boss killing. That's difficult for a USA player such as my self to find a group that plays the same hours as I do. Yet also, some quest gear has changed thus I cannot obtain certain items and the best gear I have is vendor gear. Lastly, even some Boss drops I've seen only add resistance or other minor upgrades and don't seem worth the time spent. I'm going to continue to play for now as I have a dedication to the community to finish the Warspear Armory and assist with Quest Translation possibly, but I really feel this game can make a few minor changes and be Enterprise ready and a higher class game. (P.S. release an API so I can write a DPS stats application to track hits and taken damage and Damage per second etc stats. I've been tracking this manually to test gear sets for damage)
  14. HTC - Rhoduim (aka. Touch Pro2, aka. AT&T TiLT 2) Windows Mobile 6.5 (Stock AT&T ROM) Qualcomm MSM 7201a, 528 MHz 512MB ROM 288MB RAM WVGA 480x800 screen
  15. With the advent of all these daily quests and considering their are players and servers in several regions, would it be possible to add a "World Time" Display? In other words, a clock that represents the world time on the server, thus we know when daily quests reset, when a "new day" begins and the previous day ends. In the long run this could add to the quest cycle and game play, certain mobs appear at set times or times of the day. Zombies at night, whisps in the day time and so on. But to start, just a basic world time display on the main screen (or even in a sub-menu). Thank you.
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