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  1. +1 And the skill is worth getting, trust me. My favorite new skill now.
  2. Thanks man really appreciate that, and wow that's crazy man, didn't know that happened
  3. He is bro, he's signed to a rapper named Rich The Factor, Boy Big is a real good Hookman, he's one of the Hookmen I looked up to when I first started out, so this a big deal to be nominated in the same category as him.
  4. Lol!! , thank you for voting bro, truly appreciate it man seriously.
  5. I'm praying I win it man hehe, if I do I will for sure Time
  6. Hi Guys, like the subject says I was nominated for Best Male Singer , please stop by and vote for me when you get a chance, only 2 days left to vote, no registration needed, just scroll down to my name: Ligahde, and click vote , thank you in advance guys, appreciate the support, here is the link -> http://irepmedia.com/kansas-city-music-awards/best-male-singer/
  7. Like I said in subject, I don't really care who you are are how high your guild rank is, you NEED to be helping your community out period. Both guild leaders of the highest ranked top 2 guilds on MC side -and some of the members used to be in my guild back in the day at one point so I honestly don't understand where this selfish stuff comes from, because we were all about helping each other AS WELL as the community, regularly, even the leader of the top ranked guild on Elf side used to be in my guild when I was over there but Zeus actually has his members helping out in the community...Hmmmm.
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