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  1. This are my SUGGESTIONS: 1. Change the skill cooling time to countdown so that we know it when to use. 2. Can u change the skill evasion on ranger with far sight which will increase the distance of attack for some time. 3. Make the trap of ranger takes damage when caugt because the image of the trap has a spikes in it. Thank you for reading this pls reply on this suggestios your comments.
  2. Pls bann scammers and hackers PLS MODERATOR :facepalm: Its better to do something than to do nothing! :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  3. its a very very very super great idea i wish the moderator make this suggestion
  4. i suggest for a tournament 1 survival of the fittest > a new island and ten contestant kill each other on that island the last man stand gets a 100 arena points(note:same level only) 2 GvG (group vs group) > each plaayer of the party will fight and party wins 100 arena points each(note:1v1 only and same level) please reply
  5. if the barb caan use duaal aaxe then the paladin too can use dual mace or axe
  6. i suggested for a new weapon for mage&waarlock because its always staff If the Barb,paladin& deathknight uses shield and attacking weapon then the mage &warlock can but not like them This is the new weapon for mage &warlock: 1 A wand and 2 A spell book sorry for my english
  7. what do you want? lockers is for when u dont have space on your baackpack you can go to your house and then go to you locker the put the things u want to put in your locker
  8. i have a suggestion: 1. all of the players should have lockers. 2.have house that we revive in or sleep when we are going offline pls make a respond or reply
  9. Pinoyxzako

    bugs v3.0

    yeaah thats right why dont they test it first before they update it
  10. Pinoyxzako

    bugs v3.0

    I have a problem that on my n95 cellphone,I cant play warspear because it is not available on n95 why is that not available pls fix this problem
  11. yeah i thought it too but its not available on n95 anymore
  12. me too kuz i play symbian andt data caching too always data caching :diablo:
  13. yeah me to pls moderator fix bug so that we can play at all types of symbian :'( :cray:
  14. to GM pls fixed the data caching everytime in all symbian pls response at my reply :cray: :facepalm:
  15. it happens to me to pls moderator fix this pls
  16. paki add nyo naman ako pls :)
  17. pls add me to fof pls name in the game pinoyxako pls 8)
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