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    x reacted to Jigsaw-PZ in Hotkey Ideas and Changes   
    No, this is in no way an attempt to increase the number of hotkey slots. Just some ideas to improve the ones we already have, if possible.
    These are only for Mobile Phone devices.
    IDEA 1: Move the menu bar.
    Just a thought;
    Move the menu bar to another location and let the hotkey have the whole space.

    You can open the menu by "Double" clicking on the Name tag on the top left corner. A single click would just move you to that area.

    IDEA 2: Retractable Skills
    To change up and improve game play for the players, mix the two hotkey option together and create a new one. With options; "USE", "SKILLS" and "MENU"

    The "USE" button is for placing consumables from your bag for quick access.

    If you want to make it realistic call it a "Fanny pack" or a "Pokeball holder", but for drinks, food and scrolls.
    Clicking the "SKILLS" button will open up a retractable skill hotkey. It will stay on the screen until you click the "SKILLS" button again.

    And finally, a ground breaking suggestion: The "MENU" button, opens..... the menu!!
    IDEA 3: Right handed people (ftw)
    The majority of the people in the world are right handed, so an "option" to move the hotkey to the "right" side would be a great move. It would also increase the number of people playing horizontally. Being able to click the skills with the right hand instead of using the left hand feels much more natural, easier and a lot quicker (for right hand---ers).

    That, is all.
    If someone's already suggested these then apologies, couldn't find them. Provide a link to the topic and i shall bump it!
    Are they Good? Bad? Plz do tell...
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    x reacted to Ninja Owl in XBox 360 Controller Configuration to Warspear online = the Future of warspear?   
    I love it when topics come to this!
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    x reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.05] New awards in epic Territory Battles!   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    Today you need to join an especially important battle for territories! We have set up new awards to coincide with the end of the Arena season! This time all bonuses you receive for captured flags will be combined.

    Alliances that capture three enemy flags will receive all three bonuses:
    1. +30% on health and energy regeneration
    2. +10% on physical and magical defence
    3. +10% on physical, magical attack and resilience

    Also, bonuses will be active for 72 hours instead of 24!

    Get ready to fight and good luck everyone!
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    x reacted to r0land in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    We have our results ready on the first page.
    Next time we'll meet tomorrow on the battlefield with some special conditions.
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    x got a reaction from Turtle in skill tree needed lol   
    This sucks alright, NO!
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    x got a reaction from lallouss in Armored Bear   
    Nice bro, I thought you would need a lot of time to finish it.
    Good job and good luck!
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    x reacted to r0land in Create your boss!   
    Hey, guys, I've posted you entries on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.853089728060018.1073741846.136652359703762&type=1
    If you didn't find your post there, please, check the conditions for participation again.
    Don't forget you picture must be ORIGINAL, even if it's created from several parts of other pictures.
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    x reacted to r0land in Dark Circle is inconsistent and broken   
    sorry, what?
    Seriously, everyone should understand:
    player's position in client is not always player's position on server.
    And topic is closed, yes, it was discussed a million times.
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    x reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.04] The end of Arena season. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    We are glad to inform you that current Arena Season will end on June 10th! It's time for the final battle, last days are the most important!

    The best fighters in their categories will receive a trophy: unique ring with four bonuses and the skill "Great aura of Gladiator". Players who will take places 2-5 in the tournament will just receive the skill.

    Rings of level 6, 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 will increase magical defence, resilience, health points and magical or physical damage (depending on the class).
    New passive skill increases energy to 25% and hit points to 10%. This bonus will be active until the end of next season which will last untill September.

    Information about new awards – right after the start of new Arena season.
    Good luck everyone!
    AIGRIND team
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    x reacted to lallouss in Armored Bear   
    Armored Bear   Sleeping for centuries this beast was a mystery hidden in the deep caves of the Termites Catacombs. One day a lonely traveler was searching for treasure when he discovered a strange passages in the Termites Catacombs that leads to a second level passage, upon his journey he saw something sleeping in the Termites Altar, little did he know that something was the Termites Master. When the lonely traveler disturbed the Master, his pet the Armored Bear came from his slumber and unleashed fury upon him, since than the Armored Bear kept protecting his Master from anyone who dares disturb the Termites Catacombs.    
    Skill 1: Name: entanglement Effect: AoE roots (3x3 around his target)  
    Skill 2: Name: lightning bolt Effect: hits target with magic damage  
    Skill 3: Name: earthquake Effect: AoE magic damage + reduces enemies attack speed   Skill 4: Name: roar Effect: AoE / reduces enemy damage            
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    x reacted to Ninja in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    GZ AoA 60th Win

    [spoiler=And best gp of all servers:]

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    x reacted to Corona virus in chat upgrade   
    I already suggested this, R0land said no, end of topic
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    x reacted to Pvphealerx in Let us type in the amount of stuff when trading/selling/depositing it   
    Many people use over 1k tickets just imagine how many skynete must use being #1 in 3v3 and 5v5 he also uses losing pt and a lot of times pays for the tickets of the losing team.
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    x reacted to Pvphealerx in Better arena ranking system   
    Naa I think the arena ranking system is alright although its true what you say about people spending money and spamming arena with a wining and losing pt, but hey what can we do about it ws is and will always be a bussiness and we players must not forget that
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    x reacted to heavybowus in Better arena ranking system   
    Caster arena rewards worth , and just the 3 months skill doesnt sound that bad . 
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    x reacted to baskentliii in FLAVOR TEXT   
    no one haven't convinced this guy yet lol
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    x reacted to x6t3nc3 in Better arena ranking system   
    Everyone should get arena points. ranking points should count towards your rank.
    i h8 cheating too :- )
    (i was going to do it too but decided i didnt really earn it so i stopped.)
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    x reacted to MCocktail in Better arena ranking system   
    The Ranking points should be calculated on the difference of Def, MDef, HP, And the damage dealt between the two.
    That would be an idea to prevent it.
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    x reacted to Corona virus in Better arena ranking system   
    this wont help really, just double log n keep winning
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    x reacted to heavybowus in more in game ways to earn signs   
    If i only think myself being easier stronger , i would say yes , why not?! But as i think from the other side as well i say , i wont be the only one who will be helped , more will become stronger easier . So no , i wont agree here . If everyone becomes strong in this game with 'doors opened' this will be hellspear .
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    x got a reaction from danloblade in BRING BACK TUTORIAL ISLAND   
    This is what happened to me when the tutorial island was there, so no I don't want it again to come back, but if they upgraded it in a way and made for the test as the music right now and took players feedback about it, it might be nice.
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    x reacted to r0land in [2015.05.25] Week of Galore! Double bounty for Guilds and Dungeon Explorers   
    Here we are, Week of Galore has ended, I really hope you got a lot of useful and interesting stuff.
    Tank you participation in our event.
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    x reacted to Nosotraes in Guild tournaments and their results. General discussion   
    The Grammar police.
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    x reacted to lallouss in Guild tournaments and their results. General discussion   
    who cares about spelling in games even ?
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    x reacted to r0land in Guild tournaments and their results. General discussion   
    Tournament of Galore #72 has finished, check it's results on the main page.
    You made it in some awesome way, guys, congratulations!
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