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    x got a reaction from Newzealand in How Can open Ayvondil quests   
    Please follow these rules and use the "Search" function in next times, because many answers about different questions about this case have been answered.
    Finish "Six Shadows" quest and cl quests>Finish the yellow quests "Norlant Swamps", "Vitold's Pain" and "Ravva's Power">Finish BGT quests until the hard level.
    All the quests' marks after the 1st step will appear on the map wisely, good luck!
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    x got a reaction from Cybernem in X's farewell   
    Goodbye everyone!
    If I want to start with my farewell message I won't finish 5 years of playing easily.
    So goodbye easily from now.
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    The costume drops from here, bro.
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    x reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.26] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter II   
    Not far from Nadir-Sard, brave men found a few shards of the White Pilgrim's Spear which scattered after the Great Rift. It was made of a metal ten times more precious than gold. Traders of Chainless League started making blue coins out of it and sold the best items that were only available through the Miracle Shop (1.0.0). Later, rangers from both Alliances found a vast dungeon under Berengar's citadel with a Secret Sanctuary at its depth. Berengar used to worship Avenger there – one of the first dragons of Arinar. They also found hidden caches full of Crimson Corundums. Traders were selling their best items for these rare crystals. (1.0.0 – 1.9.0).

    Whilst busily exploring new lands, the beginning of Median Night went unnoticed by the warring factions. Forces of Firstborn Evil tried to lure fools with cursed gold, hidden in huge laughing pumpkins scattered throughout Arinar. However Sentinels and Legion resisted the temptation. At the same time, a huge number of spectators could witness the first Arena battles in their capitals. (2.0.0)

    In winter everyone was able to join the Day of World Creation celebrations. Sentinels and Legion warriors went to the Snow Boundary to visit the White Elder himself for the first time. Everyone who needed help went there, put down their weapons and forgot about their disagreements. But not for a long of course. During this period, skilled artisans crafted enchancement spheres to make weapons even deadlier. (2.5.0)

    As soon as the holiday was over, Berengar's spirit called the heroes again. He told them that he once left Arinar and found himself in a mysterious world, a world called Astral. Wanting to travel between the worlds more frequently, Berengar created a path - an Astral Labyrinth. However it was immediately filled with creatures from other worlds. Berengar was lost and his body was no more, however his spirit survived, waiting for revenge. Heroes of both Alliances went into the Labyrinth through open portals and performed great feats and fought creatures from other worlds. (2.6.0 Astral Labyrinth).
    To be continued.
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    x reacted to Hazelnut in Some question about new avynobil map   
    Yeah! As u wish The new Ayvondil territory and some questions
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    x reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.23] It’s our Birthday and the Warspear Online celebrations continue!   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    We know that good things don’t last forever, like a great party for example. You usually get someone spoiling it all and making it end. Well we don’t want to do that to you, So LET THE PARTY CONTINUE!!!!
    The Horror Circus, Snow Boundary, holiday skills, quests, Time traveler’s chests and heaps of fun will be with you until the first of July!
    Have fun and good luck, everyone!
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    x reacted to A male in Elf tool (Xxerizawax)   
    Why dont you call me and end of story ?
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    x got a reaction from Tood in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
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    x reacted to vavavi in [2015.06.22] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter I   
    Finally I can find out when I first played. Can't check on old druid since I don't remember any of it.
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    x reacted to Vera_Z in Contest winners.   
    I can't find a word to express how grateful I am.. Thank you.   To all those who congratulated me, I give you deep gratitude, brave ones.   To the winners, as well as other participants. I salute you for your efforts and great work.   To all those who helped me, Please take this: [Velvet Beer]   To AIGRIND,  I honor you for giving me the opportunity to feature my boss in your game. I really don't mind if you alter or change anything with Vera Nocturna for my credibility with you is always higher than anyone else. Please  be informed that these Miracle Coins that you've rewarded will be used wisely..   I will re-forge the broken Spear! *laughter* Just kidding, I don't have the power to do so. *chuckles*   Please accept my deepest gratitude Great Ones.. On behalf of my family, , we thank you so much for this wonderful game. I greet the staff of all your departments (*HI*) and salute them for doing their very best and for non-stop surprises every update.   To all the Admins and Developers, especially King Peter_Munk and Sheriff r0land..
    Please continue being awesome. *salutes*
    More power to your team, and once more..   THANK YOU SO MUCH.   Yours,
    Vera_Z ( Apologies, for being too darn emotional )
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    x got a reaction from Tood in Have sham totem atk right target   
    It would be awesome if they made the totem a 1 target damage, not an AoE damage. I would be thankful for that! lol 
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    x reacted to A male in Traveling Merchant   
    This reminds me Rikin season
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    x reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.22] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter I   
    Warspear players!

    Warspear Online is seven years old! 7 YEARS!!! We are of course celebrating this with another little surprise for you. You can see the most important moments from our game's progress in this beautiful graphic. Our writers have also put together a vast chronicle that recounts key moments in Arinar’s history.
    Take a look, it is very interesting!

    Warspear Online chronicles

    The first entry in the Warspear Online history books starts seven years ago, on Melvendil and Godgorrat. They are the native islands of the Firstborn and Mountain Clans. Not much is known about the first two years of war – people say that Arinar was different back then (0.1.0 [beta] - 0.4.4). Then the world changed and it was a time for the new dawn of heroes. Young warriors made their first steps on the path to glory and it was the beginning of the War for the Spear. Helping their people in hard battles with the enemies, young heroes were gathering experience. When the best of them gathered under the banners of their leaders, they started a new journey. (0.5.0 [beta])

    Fleets from both sides of the conflict landed on Irselnort – a vast island between Melvendil and Godgorrat. Elves and Mountaneers built well protected harbours and started exploring the new land. Sentinels found the allies there – brave warriors of Dinalt's Order and Mountain Clans made a union with warriors of the Puma Clan. Slowly moving deep into the island, they met ogres, centaurs and many other tribes. It all looked like a vast wasteland, but historians knew that Irselnort was once a prosperous place. Berengar, the greatest wizard of past times had ruled these lands from his tower built in the Grey Mountains. It dominated the whole island but when he disappeared, his tower fell into ruin. (0.6.0 Berengar's Legacy).  

    Alliance scouts encountered Chainless League merchants. The merchants had founded a rich and well populated city called Nadir-sard, in the northern part of Irselnort. The Scouts realised that the League merchants weren’t directly involved in the fighting but were profiting from it. A generous reward was promised! However only to those who could infiltrate Berengar's Tower and retrieve an artefact, manuscript or any other part of Berengar's Legacy (0.7.0).

    The Legion and Sentinels rivalry continued with redoubled force. Many new parties started to investigate the underground passages of the forgotten Tower. These passages were populated with monsters and wild Berengar servants. The halls of the Sun and Moon held the key to the Wizard’s disappearance. The stones of Nuadu and Harad would have to be joined as one. They then suddenly heard the voice of Berengar himself and saw his spirit. The Wizard ordered them to pass through the Gates of Shadows, where Six Shadows of Berengar had waited for them. They were the custodians of Berengar's Mirror, an ancient artefact that allowed the viewer to see what cannot be seen. The wisemen from elf and mountain clans gazed through this magic mirror and saw a vision. That the War will finish on Ayvondil, ancient homeland of the firstborn. (0.7.3).

    The third year of war was over.

    To be continued.
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    x reacted to r0land in Guild tournaments and their results. General discussion   
    You know why am I writing here every Monday, right?
    Yeah, Guild Tournament #75 results are ready, check them on the main page.
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    x reacted to PoleyKathi in Contest winners.   
    AWESOME ! congratulations to all winners and specially Vera! truly deserved winner!
    i cant wait till your boss gets added! gratulations again again again and again!
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    x reacted to r0land in Contest winners.   
    Hello there, dear players!
    It's time to announce your contest winners, good job done and here are the most worthy of everyone.
    Meet them, guys, with the warmest greetings and honor.
    Special Prize after Facebook voting goes to Time Keeper Vathala, really nice choice, congratulations!
    5th place goes to Kadom, great job for this epic tank boss - http://goo.gl/KmHkQ4
    4th place today is for King Achachi, you will see no fear or disappointment in his face, keep it that way, old king - http://goo.gl/NB8aY0
    3rd place of our contest is reserved for Ioco the Spider Shaman, magnificent work, very interesting boss - http://goo.gl/e0cPVP
    2nd place is for Styxa, it was really hard not to place this boss on the first place, it's so awesome, but second is still cool I hope - http://goo.gl/USu1c7
    And your champion, the best of the best, a boss that is coming to our game, eternel respect for Vera_Z and Vera Nocturna boss, congratulations! http://goo.gl/2w0Yxi
    And that's all for today, fellows, thank you all for participation, don't get sad if your boss didn't win, we have a lot of interesting contests in the future, Lady Luck will definitely smile upon you.
    As for the winners, it's your time to celebrate your victory, to think about your rewards and stuff. Everyone will remember you forever!
    Don't forget to contact me via PM to claim your reward.
    Take care, guys, stay tuned,
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    x reacted to r0land in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    Results of Friday's battles are on the first page, check them out!
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    x reacted to A male in Weapon runes   
    Next elie video : how to solo dung #likeabozz
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    x reacted to lallouss in amplify chance   
    ive been playing gor 15years i agree with sulla xD
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    x reacted to lallouss in amplify chance   
    couldnt have replied any better way xD exactly my thoughts and doings
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    x reacted to sulla in amplify chance   
    That's not proof, random people saying rumours.
    Every single Dev has said it's 100%, you claim Roland to be a liar.
    Never known anybody to lose at +0, I have amped over 100 items during amp release till 2015 without signs +0-1.
    So has many friend's, +0 is always 100% any loss is due to miss click past +1 too +2, they lag or simply didn't notice the exact number, just like the same people who say they play WS for 6 year's when it's actually 3, people exaggerate stuff.
    It's very simple to screen it on "info" yet nobody has.
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    x reacted to Vera_Z in Contest finalists. Discussion.   
    Oh, you guys made my day.
    I don't know about you guys, but I really "Don't give a Hoot"
    Please do me a favour and nevermind those police.

    Say, have you seen the other side of the coin?
    I mean the other bosses that have the chance to be featured in game made in Russian section?

    Here they are:

    Go visit the full information: Russian Finalists
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    x reacted to A male in Contest finalists. Discussion.   
    Dat face :3 ^ 
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    x reacted to Panchen in Contest finalists. Discussion.   
    ninja right, vera not legit.
    he copied it from Windu, my neighbors pet !

    pls diskwalifi 
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