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  1. 11th of Jun, where're u dude?

    1. Hazelnut
    2. x


      It came and it was awesome lol! My summer holiday started yesterday, let's rock & roll dudes!!!!

    3. Hazelnut


      Haha, nice!

  2. x


    What I meant with "not needed" is Idc if it is implemented or not.
  3. Lol bro Gone Offline, you came back here to lead the way, awesome!
  4. MCocktail, How much do you think #1 arena player uses? He uses multiple of that in 1 millions.
  5. x


    Not bad and not needed in the same time.
  6. THEMERCS KNOWS NO FEAR! We got #1 on Sapphire this week with a brilliant gp. And we got #6 on all servers!!! I hope in next times we will be in top 3 guilds on all servers .
  7. Counciler, Nope, GRAAv is right dude. I gonna try it later.
  8. They can't. If they could, they would've done it with bows already.
  9. Ya, why not? It would be good. But Shilan, they gonna add it for consumables section or create a 5th drop box for it? Suggested sth. Btw, they can't choose which books to drop for each faction. They can only choose which book to drop in the dungeon for both sides only!
  10. And wireless joystick players Xbox users, how could they do it?
  11. Shilan, Aka lab update for people who don't know.
  12. [Rvv], Never ever say that. You have to wait at least 5 days then start complaining.
  13. Ah, ty sis! You're awesome, thank you for doing that, I am busy, yea. I will post quizzes when I can. I wish you guys could continue doing it and ty again!
  14. skizoskilz, There're, but I am not one of them and all of the players here in game won't waste 2-3h on a dungeon, believe me.
  15. Mmmm, we already have ranking and arena points, but not a bad idea for making ranking points better.
  16. It has been suggested before and rejected. Please use the "Search" function in next times. Take care and good luck!
  17. Lols lallouss. I think it's time for devs to answer this. Shouldn't you guys, please?
  18. YellowDiamond69, Ah, I knew I should hide that bar. Anyways, who did you think? Nosotraes, Not wrong, but you didn't continue it.
  19. Ah lol, I was sleeping all night and couldn't wake up in the right time to give the answer , I slept enough and now have to study. Thanks for all of your cheer ups guys. Yup, right. Good little hint btw. Ty guys! You rock! Yup, yup. Right Mike! Well done! Get ready for the next quiz, tomorrow. Good luck!
  20. Gj bro! Very nice, you may want to edit all of these things to the starting post, it is better.
  21. Nosotraes, What is "Speed record"? Do you mean you bated your last one by answering? Lols. Even if I am behind it, how did you know? I can be not behind and edit somethings in the picture. So who can answer this question?
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