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  1. r0ley, As for my advice, it would be to visit SUPERCELL's community forum, check what do they do and how they did things and learn from them, even if you're an older company, but I know they got many awesome things there on their forum which you would like to learn from. I myself play their game CoC (Clash of Clans) and it is awesome, but nah won't play HD (Hay Day) or BB (Boom Beach) or SL (Smash Land), lol. It would be also a very nice thing to visit their YT channel for Clash of Clans, you gonna see very awesome things there and I think that you would like to do what they do in the future.
  2. To have fun with you guys, but the point I wanted to make you reach to it is, if a player wants to play an online game which has a forum, he should be able to contact gms or developers, this is the answer of your up question. I see a big and awesome contact between many players of SUPERCELL company and its players, they even met them in real life, talked to them about their games and some players used their iPads' game devices. Nvm me, I entered in an other thing, lol...
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    Nah, sorry Jake. Things are good as they are.
  4. This is a big wrong, everyone has a right to make one even if he left it abandoned and if anyone wants to join your or others guilds he would join, it's not a forcing thing. I am sure that after some years players will start asking developers to delete some guild because they're not active so they can get their names, same as players' characters now.
  5. Why do you play this game?
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    Robokassa is a kind of payment or a payment card, that's what I know.
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    Additions for guilds

    Don't go too far with your thoughts dude.
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    Mmm, not a myth actually.
  9. Pointing on sth in the picture crystal doesn't always mean it is the thing he wants you to see. He means the pocket set bro. Nice gift Graav
  10. Nosotraes, Your Engrish rocks. What's the date of your last final exam?
  11. Great Jig, but idea num 3 isn't needed.
  12. It is a Q&A section after all and he asked his question. I can ask a druid question even if I am a bd, can't I? I can ofc.
  13. Ehmm, tail, he doesn't have the quest and asking us to tell him in which difficulty (floor) the boss is in, so I think what you said doesn't have any meaning with what he asked for....
  14. Very awesome! Do it again on the day of this arena season's end, please.
  15. Very awesome changes for tmr r0ley, I hope you do it again on the end of arena season day, it would be awesome!
  16. Nice bro, I thought you would need a lot of time to finish it. Good job and good luck!
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