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  1. ok if we said all that n the DMG begins 672 hw much it gona be the biggest DMG mayb 723 i think bt no 1 can get 2 752 DMG ok thx for listening
  2. i dk wts the guild very much i just k that pt or a teams in pts they com 2gether 2 hlp each other in a thing or like go farm something 2gether is that right or wt can i get the answer plz if i ws wrong tell me the right answer
  3. x

    new scammer

    i wnt get my 2 accs bac i lost them plz some 1 hlps me plz that 1 who scam my acc he even dnt play on my chr from along time
  4. bt lk i tryed it bt he changed the ID n PS
  5. bt just 1 thing hassn killed by jayrox even there ws druids n otehr warriors with jayrox bt 1 time of the fight they meet alone n he killed him hardly
  6. gud nice 1 ill do that 2 when i ws lvl 8,10 n 11 they ws ganking with me the mcs n 4sakens
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