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  1. "You can't know a thing if you haven't tried it.".
  2. How can we dungeon if our friends or no players are on? I hope that my friends go on ASAP Thank you for this awesome weekend!
  3. Read your suggestion and read his, Doc.
  4. The work of the skill is the info. Are you sure that you play Warspear Online?
  5. Hey guys! I am giving these question to the development team. What is the next territory of Ayvondil? Is it "Pilion" or "Azure Shallow" or "Mara'kosh"? I have a feeling it is "Pilion", but I am waiting your answer. Are you going to increase the quests limit that a player can hold in the next update of Ayvondil? Are you going to dismiss Caravan quests for players 25+? Are you going to increase bag slots limit for 200? Where's this picture in? Which territory of Ayvondil? Is it Pilion? And what is it about? Is it a new lab? Thank you!
  6. I want to see your must on devs in the future. When you level up, you grow up, your equipment and items' level grow up too and the difficulty in game grows too. You can find many and new bosses in your level which you can kill with a good tactics and pt. Good luck!
  7. Lunch time. Do you like the quizzes I make in "Q&A" board?
  8. Lols, it will be saved then. xD
  9. Still can get higher by "%" rings, rage buff, pots and scrolls. I can see the rage buff.
  10. Pm anytime until the end of this event.
  11. Oh come on, give them some time Sis. Amazing time, pme in-game in Us, Sentinel side "Nikdruid" to claim your reward. Good job!
  12. It is annoying, but my answer will be what Nestly said up in her 2nd line. Has been suggested before and the rejections bated the acceptations.
  13. Not bad, but r0land has already said about such a suggestion that the info are given are enough, no need for other info to be added. Good luck!
  14. I took long this time, didn't I? Anyways, I came back with a new tough question: If we demanded arena in dungeons, could it work and we get transferred to the arena battle? Take your time, but not long because you got 7h only and then I will answer it. Take care and good luck!
  15. Nah lol, there're enough identifying skills to beat rogues' stealth. Another topic about rogues' invisibility won't let me post my secret info about rogues' stealth.
  16. You are right Cocktail, but actually there're 3 base skills suggestions topic in this board and I'd like to see people bumping them again. Info: one of the topics might has been deleted due to the forum sabotage action.
  17. x


    Nah, it wouldn't be necessary. Area chat sys is working fine.
  18. Don't think, it is right. They ban the account not the character, and I got an example if you want to ask about.
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