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  1. Q: Why can't I register my new elf character? System doesn't allow me to do it, saying something about population.

    A: That's how our faction autobalance system works, so you wait until rival population grows or try to create your character on another server.

  2. It is not illegal, actually it is one of the ways for transferring mcoins between players. Most of the players use it to transfer mcoins, but the thing that you should now is, if you lost your mcoins in the transfer or in a scam way, devs won't return it to you.


    Q: I was cruelly tricked for 10 gold (any other game currency), will they be banned?

    A: Well well well, guys, this in-game situations can happen every day and administration won't be involved in them (because it's really hard to find who's guilty). That's why we strongly recommend to be attentive and thoughtful in any situation like this.

  3. Ofc they do, I have also noticed a thing on rogues. When they run away using their dodge skill, 80%+ of the attacks attacked on them will be dodged.


    And I would like to confirm on Panchen's talk too. :)

  4. Heys Turtle!


    Happy to see you asking and suggesting once again! But I think that you might read this before, but anyways I will put it here for anyone after you. :)


    Q: Why did I get a bow from a monster, besides I'm playing for mountain clans/undead?

    A: It's impotant to understad that we have common drop system for both alliances, so if we remove bow and crossbow from drop, they won't also available for elfs/human to get.

    Take care and good luck! :)

  5. How do you known? Are you one of AIGRIND's programmers? Did you take a look on warspear source code? Guess not.

    As a coder myself the only reason I can see for them to not give PC a bigger viewport is cheer lazyness (or giving priority to other features that can profit them, like mcoin smiles).

    Devs has stated before that those resolutions given are based on studied game plays.

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