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  1. Bye Nikdruid :) see you soon



    Aw, goodbye X ( ! Nice to meet you! Good luck for your real life and for your school :b

    I may miss you....

    I will do great in school with no online games to play on anymore.

    I will miss you too. 


    Goodbye bro, I wish you luck in everything you do and hope you come back someday(Soon), it was great having you around and am sad you're leaving :/


    Goodbye and good luck :friends:


    Ramadan Mubarak

    Not you, I won't leave u easily. ;) :friends: 


    Bye bro, ill miss those pvps against you,specially when you were AFK.

    Go get em dude!



    Goodluck bro, or Angelo, both in real life and if you continue, in the game:)




    Disagree ,goodluck!

    Lol, thanks I needed this. :)



    Will miss you bro .. did alot for me .


    Good luck in your life .. and hope see you one day !

    Won't ever forget you bro. :friends:



    aw nik aw silly nik lel i dont get sad at gdbyes i see them as cu later :) hope u get [study in School +10] once a merc always a MERC )> ur family always welcomes u back in open arms for chat or play

    Thanks great leader! :give_rose:
  2. Logically it makes sense, agreed






    I desperatly try to do this, but it is pretty hard, because i lose much:

    -Defense, like 300



    -many other stats



    Also make block rune able to be enchant at more places than just shield, and belt, maybe rings


    and generally increase that stat

    you can get like 12% Block maximum, WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH!

    (comparison: Full parry around 30-30%, dodge like >40%)

    Don't go far dude.
  3. There is a limit on the number of blue quests you can save. This is specially noticeable during event because you have more blue quests available. Try canceling some blue quests you don't intend to finish and talk to the npc again.

  4. Not noticed on Android 4.1.2, my battery isn't that great and my device heats up fast, but I have that since I purchased it, so...

    Ya, you won't notice it in v4.1.2, it is only in v4.11.2.


    [spoiler=Don't open Noso]Female%20derpina_zps75sigzhk.jpg


  5. Also i dont understand why on posts cant make more than 5 emotions .. where is the problem ?

    Well, yes, i dont know why either :/

    Then about the signature, it's allowed to write 3 lines only....

    These things costs bytes on server, so they have to limit it ofc.

    As for emoticons in post, in the old forum there were people who used to make a spam post full of smileys and that cost lots of space on server and btw, the allowed number is 10, not 5.

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