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  1. the reason i made this post was to show people(specifically the blind) on how pvprange is really like... a sad all alone little boy.... :unknw:  idk why he likes me so much its kinda creepy lmao i gotta watch my back :aggressive:

  2. here is what my dk stats are and i use smoking spear lvl 13 +6 and have 5 thorn and 4 exhalation and i have not lost very many fights at all. Record: 311/334 and 9362 AP i have killed lvl 17 bd and a lvl 18 ranger. if i get lucky and double crit with my exhalation i do upwards of 800+ and if  im mega lucky and crit with my thorn after i do another 800+. with my smoking spear at +6 i have 302 physical power and just above 2k def. my armor is barley amped at all. my highest amped armor is my cape lvl 13 at +7. dk is nowhere near the weakest class.


  3. I think 2x warlock with lvl 5 circle in arena will be VV - OP :dirol: .



    oh they are grimoire, they are. my wl and another wl named yimmix on sapphire server and we are undefeated and have fought in about 75 and have won all of them. neither of us have died either and most of the time we take 0 damage or end the match with full health.

  4. I have found that making a barb and leveling it to lvl 15 is one of the best set ups. put 4 skill points into power strike and charge making them both lvl5 and purchasing full arena armor and add def runes only to the helm and gloves and put resil runes on the armor, boots, and belt. get the spadone just for the simple fact that acc is better to have then pene. i will admit you do more damage with pene but, you wont hit as much and you will have to equip acc crystals where you could have put extra crit. my set-up is full arena armor all +8 with acc crystals on my helm and gloves and dex crystals on my armor and boots. i also put acc on my amulate and wear lvl 17 abyss zealots carved signets with dodge rune and 1 ring with mana regen and the other with pene.  parry on lvl 17 cloak with more crit and crit on belt with hp rune on arena belt if you use the 2h weps. i also bought extra arena helms and glove and put moon, sun, and dark def on them for when i am fighting casters. i hope this information helps. :good: 

  5. First of all mods need to ban this person. Second of all thats not true. All elf chars are great if you play them right. Ranger has always been op. Bd got a huge boost with bleed dmg and increase swing dmg - they hurt bad. And druids just need to think outside the box and they can be good. Why dont you talk to the top elf players and try to learn something instead of claiming things you dont know nothing about.



    i most certainly agree with you bloody. i have a lvl 20 barb and it is very hard to take down a decent lvl 18-20 bd.

  6. i am not super old but i think i am pretty old. going on 14-15 months sense i first started and i can certainly recognize the game is changing. mostly bad and i dont like all these new players that think they know everything when i have been playing a decent amount of time and still do not know nearly half the things in this game. it just irritates me when someone is that ignorant.

  7. that comment was aimed at person who started post



    owh.... now i feel dumb lol :blush:  and born i got an update: my dk's arena record rules lol im like 308/341 only 33 career losses. pretty good i think :pardon:

  8. Tell me honestly, if you really dont care, why you made this topic?  :facepalm: Somewhere inside you, you care. Really. I know it. I care too. I have pointless minuses too. AND I CARE. But i dont make new topics about my bad karma. I dont like your bahavior. I thought you were different.



    :cray: im sorry guwer87 i wasnt trying to make a sob story about this whole thing.... i really dont care about karma and shouldnt either. it only matters what and how you represent yourself in game and on forums. the only thing i was trying to do was get the moderators attention because idk how else to get their attention because u cannot send them a message so idk how to even get in contact with them. once again i apologize for this post. it was a mistake. please forgive me :give_rose: O:-)


    Well you deserve your negative karma that's the difference....



    i dont think i deserve negative karma but it dont bother me at all idc wat some kid thinks you all see the reasons he give its total bs but oh well :rofl:  maybe the mods see it and delete pvprange bwahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. hahaha arean we need to get triple trouble back up and running 8)  i use my dk now and alot of the times i never die, me and lady did like 89 battles last week and never lost once  ;D  my rouge is gonna sit at lvl 15 for ever lol so shes out sorry.

  11. Now these days..ppl are using warspear as a dating chat or something like that..in runescape u to emoticons/acts like bow(wich the player bow to ppl dick area) and get money from them for blow jobbing.. :yahoo: hhaahha. also some players jerk off. ;D



    umm maybe you do but ive never seen stuff like that in warspear :bad:  please be respectable of what you post in forums. others read it and it gives them bad first impressions and you can never change your first impression because it is your FIRST impression.

  12. i really dont care about karma at all tbh im just simply pointing out how bad i annoy pvprange. he talks so much crap and cant back it up and is trying to annoy me  :lol: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:  lmao but its not working ahahahaha give me -1 million karma and ill still laugh ;D

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