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  1. bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    absolutely hilllllllairrrrous

  2. Wow. Really? Why do you have to be an immature asshole and talk shit about someone you know nothing about? You only make yourself look stupid.

    I am Bloody's wife.

    We have two kids. He is not gay. And there is never nudity in any of the pictures I take. As a matter of fact, I have pictures of him framed and on my walls-just as he said. I have guests regularily in my home a few times a week and two small children. Do you think I would have such stuff on display in my home? NO. Of course not! I am a decent woman and mother!

    Thank goodness that Bloody and I have such open minds. You are exactly the kind of person I DON'T want to raise my children to be like. My children will grow up knowing what tolerance and acceptance is. I refuse to raise a child who has been boxed in their whole life. I am giving my kids the best gift I can give them, and that is to be open minded. The world is changing constantly and we should just accept that people like different things, and look different. You can't just make assumptions based on your little mind and spewing trash with your big mouth thinking it's justfified because you can't even FATHOM thinking another way.

    And, about his spelling, FOR GOD'S SAKE HE IS duckING SWEDISH! I know not ONE Swedish person who can spell correctly nor have I ever met a foreigner that can spell perfectly! Not to mention the fact that many North Americans and people from the U.K. make mistakes on a regular basis. **** OFF-for real! Let's see you learn another language (at age 7) and juggle two languages and learn them both perfectly.

    This is an internationl forum as I unerstand it. If you are here to insult people and then mock them because of mistakes then you need to get a life. Don't you have something to do? Homework maybe? Or, you could be like my kids and get pissy because you missed your nap?

    Right now, this topic is supposed to be showing your pictures and talking. There is NO reason for you to be here slamming people. This should be a friendly thread. I am not saying you have to like or feel that so-and so is attractive but it is definately not a place for you to be an asshole. The world is full of people and thankfully we are not all the same.

    And, just so we are clear. Bloody is a good man his looks have nothing to do with his personality nor do they reflect on him as a father and loving husband.

    He works his ass off all year long with no vacations, he pays the bills, puts food on the table, makes sure our needs are met, and has a roof over our heads. He comes home after work and helps me with the boys, the cleaning, and making dinner. He never complains about being in pain, about being stressed, about being mad, he never once complains when he is sick either. He is faithful to me and honest. He never selfish and always puts me and the boys first. My husband is an amazing father, he is always on top of everything that involves our kids. That means he drops them off to daycare, picks them up, and makes sure they get out to the park or on a bike ride during the weekends. It's amazing to me he finds time here to talk to you people and play warpsear. My husband treats me like a Goddess and I NEVER even have to ask, I don't expect this out of him-it is just who he is. As far as I am concerned he goes above and beyond what a husband should do for his wife and family.

    So, the next time you want to make fun of someone why don't you sit back and think about how RIDICULOUS you sound!!!! This forum is about Warspear, this thread is about saying hello and showing your face-not to be judged by some childish jerk.



    you go girl :clapping:  duck little kids who think they know it all with stick shoved sideways up their ass ;D and if someone has a problem with it then ill kick your ass :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:  i know kickboxing :dirol:

  3. what if the mage time warps directly under you. then uses lv5 chains, followed by lv5 stone. finally retreating by running or cleverly using time warp using the chains as a getaway (from melee class) and wait for cooldowns, add fire ball to your timing preference.



    i havent met a mage yet that can kill me so swaaz you should be the first :good:  go make a mage and kick my ass

  4. U didn't ever play 0.7  ;D .

    Anyway, 14-15months is enough time to learn almost everything of this game. I have 22 months i think on this game and i know a guy that said he have 5y~ (russian). It was enough to learn many game mechanics and also learn how to beat all classeswith all class :friends:



    i know i didnt play 0.7 but 14-15 months is pretty good i think. i have a kid, job, college, and family to balance so i dont play as much as i would like but oh well.

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