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  1. i have discussed in one of my early posts that barbs should be able to hit the hardest because they use sheer strength. rouges do way too much damage in my opinion. i have seen a rouge crit like 2300 before. i just broke the 1k marker myself and in order to reach that i had to amp my arena 2h sword to +9 :bad: devs..... where are the barbs significant update? u did every other class but the barb and we have been patiently waiting ever sense like 1.8 when the barbs downfall started and never stopped.
  2. my charge rarely works anymore and i have tried everything. i even made my accuracy almost 18% which is insane for a barb with a 2h wep but still fails. some time it even fails 3/4 times. barbs now are just a pinata for harder hitting classes. they run in and basically tank and do a small amount of damage.
  3. i hate hamp so much because it a mixture of the barbs chop and charge..... so stupid because charge rarely works now and we got to waste skill points in chop to even get close to half the damage that hap deals :facepalm: fail? yes i think so. nice job devs on ruining the barb :good: u did an excellent job :rofl:
  4. lmao born u silly goose :tease:
  5. born do u see the color of my hair? idk what u even said.
  6. i cant think of too many elfs that gank simply because once one starts almost all the others jump in like its a free-for-all. i will point out that there are some elfs out there that still respect the pvp rules and so fourth. i am not a ganker and anyone who really knows me knows this. if you see me attacking a random elf then chances are he did some wrong. some for you mc ganker noobs.
  7. lmao i posted another new topic because im blonde. ignore that topic lmao :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: please whoever wants to be a part of this clan pm me in game or message me on forums. Zythus and i have been going over many different fun ideas and would love to hear from our soon to be fellow clanmates :blush: ;D any imput is better then none :yahoo:
  8. zhuronghu


    PM me in game to learn more if you are interested in joining. Thank you and have a wonderful day
  9. people keep abandoning pvp cave and noobs are taking over. i enjoy pvp cave a lot because there are still a lot of respectable players there that i enjoy fighting and a lot of them i cannot beat and i try new methods to see whats the best way to deal with each class. yes pvp is ruined but it is not ruined beyond repair. respectable players need to return there and show the new generation on how to properly pvp. if everyone just keep abandoning pvp it will never get any better. yes arena is also very fun but most do not have the luxury of buying arena tickets all the time and using them.
  10. glad to see that we are all getting along :yahoo: and mages are a horrible class. i faced a lvl 20 mage in arena a couple days ago and he didnt even scratch me. their skills do not mesh together at all and it is hard to link them with success
  11. people who try to tell other how to live really grind my gears :facepalm: :aggressive: people have free will for a reason and all people have a brain and some really need to use it before posting mean and inconsiderate forum posts. people have individuality for a reason otherwise the world would be boring because everyone would be and act the same way. who cares if bloody said another guy is cute? its his personal opinion and he is just as entitled to it as you are to the air you breathe and the way you live. for someone to have the ignorance to try and deny someone that is just downright imbecilic. people need to learn to be tolerant towards the things they don't like and keep their mouths shut if they don't have nice things to say about a person because rumors breed ignorance.
  12. very cute kids.... my heart melted when i saw them ;D u wouldnt mind if i stole them do you? :blush: :blush: :blush: lmao j/k
  13. Dont give up your individuality for others sake. who cares what they think? i sure as hell dont. you are very beautiful and for others to discourage you posting pics of your choosing is wrong. judgmental people need to learn to accept the fact that this is the way the world works, no one person is identical to the next and thats what makes the world go round. just ignore the losers who make fun of you cherry. you are very beautiful and you have the right to show it off with pride.
  14. Here you go iknowuall i thought u might enjoy this seeing as how you will never stop trolling. i give up.
  15. nice medals knoxvillle what were they for?
  16. i am also guilty of that as well :blush:
  17. totally born :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: stop commenting on this post people
  18. your photos are not vulgar nor are they breaking any rules, dont mind them cherry. when a woman is sexy men get confused ;D :lol:
  19. zhuronghu

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    yayayayayayaya kath welcome to the family u sexy minx u
  20. zhuronghu

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    ahhhhhhhh well i love your pic very sexy german :clapping:
  21. zhuronghu

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    make poley account now lol
  22. zhuronghu

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    hahahahaha ture ture lady
  23. zhuronghu

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    thats not kiyomi........
  24. :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: i just threw up :facepalm: plz snorley delete this post
  25. zhuronghu

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    :shok: who knew machote was so sexy????? :blush: ;D haha he looks like a more kick ass hotter version on chuck norris :aggressive: now put on your tight jeans and give us gals a booty pic with that rockin body lmao i know lady will like it!!! oh and lady listen to the song (I've had) the time of my life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes while staring into machote's photos ;D it goes so good together that should be your theme song machote :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: everytime u walk in a room that song plays and u rip your shirt off and flash that man of a beard!!! bwahahaha
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