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  1. Hi I am from ue sapp server and am goingto spend more time on eu server now. I was wondering if anyone could help me? If not it is ok I understand there are better more important things to do then helping a noob on isle 1 :rofl: I only ask this cause it took me 2 hours to get 20 goat horns :facepalm:

  2. ok guys im taking some initiative here. i know that we really havent been super active yet but trust me we will be. im just preatty swamped with work school and my fam but my semester is ending either this thursday or next thursday so soon me and zythus will be starting to plan and coordiante events and start really laying the ground so we can start walking. if zythus is not able to help plan and coordinate events with me i will be posting some ideas here in this thread and clan members tell me what you think. you are also welcome to give ideas on certain events you wish to do. i know some of you would like to farm and such and we will make that possible. it may seem like i am on all the time but most of the time i log on and walk away and get sidetracked :blush:  lol but if you pm me i will get back to you as soon as i possibly can. this is the first leadership role i have even taken up and i will try my best and try my hardest to never disappoint you or zythus. i will always embrace constructive criticism and use that info to help better myself and in turn better the clan.


    For all you browsers out there that are just peeking feel free to pm me in game with any questions you have about the clan and or me. you can also contact me on here  ;D 


    One last thing, AWSOME JOB GUYS ON THE WAR the other day you guys impressed me and i think might have even impressed zythus a little. CONGRATS guys and lets keep up the good work. :good: :good: :good: 

  3. I agree warspearians. I have great idea for us barbs.devs keep us how we r. But how about this,when we charge give us damage on impact to enemy. We are bg stone walls slamming into little enemies. There should be some kinda damage.



    ikr? they chould make charge do damage like u said warlion. it only makes sense because irl if someone runs full blast at you and hits u, it hurts. also i hate how i can never log in anymore. its stupid.

  4. this is an excellent idea born and should be brought into the game. i would love to lay out a few of our "mc brothers and sisters" who claim they can whoop my ass. my priest cant even go into pvp cave because stupid noob mc kill me everytime because im lvl 13..... bullshit i say 

  5. :mega_shok:  maybe my time is up? and pvprange no thank you.... you are nothing like my type ever...... u look like u want to be gangster or something.. idk i do not like fake people or posers and from what it looks like u fit in that category

  6. :diablo: :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:  im making this topic to see if anyone has the same problem as me. all the time now when i go to switch chars i cant re-connect at all.... but i can connect to eu server all day...... WHAT THE duck DEVS!!!!! why u guys hatin on saph server so damn bad. if anyone can tell me or have any ideas y this is happening please tell me. i have tried on comp too and same problem. it just says connecting for ducking ever....


    wat the heck is GMT



    all i know or all i think i know time is GMT=General Mountain Time? and i think that the+ and whatever number after it manes plus tht many hours i think. like if it is 3pm in GMT+0 then in GMT+7 it is like 10pm? idk im a noob after all so what do i know? :fool: :rofl: :good:  but yall love me and my noobyness :give_rose:

  8. I find it having a good balance beween sexy and morbid (but still clean)


    I find the idea of blood glased lips rather exciting really


    And the first week I was in Wisconsin meeting the woman later becoming my wife. I leaned down to hug her one night and she got to excited and jumped, cracking my lip with her shoulder. Followed by a kiss  :yahoo:



    awwww thats romantic :good: :)

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