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  1. I will be more then willing to help people but they need to understand that if your rude then why should I help you? I have said it befor and will say it again if you need help (within reasonable terms) I'm only a pm away. ;) if we help eachother become stronger as a whole then the possibilities are unlimited! :D
  2. Jaw just holler at me in game and ill help u whenever I get a chance. I'm at b3 currently though.
  3. I realise now that this post was a mistake. I knew people would call me fake and so on but truth is, I enjoy helping people. But like I said in the very first post, only if I am not busy.
  4. people need to read the first post again more slowly bacuse while in astral im not leaving to help srry too hard to get back
  5. never said duck off and i couldnt cause i was in astral b8 meanie :cray:
  6. its fine i already had this convo with zythus i really dont belong too deep into astral. not untill i amp my equiptz better anyways. thanks u guys thoug for giving me a chance. not alot of people do that lol :sorry: ;D
  7. if u need help let me know ;)
  8. yea i can actually seeing as how i just died at b8 :cray: :shout: :cray: just pm me whenever
  9. awwww keiz.... im still more jealous of you :blush:
  10. any newer players that need help with some of the more difficult quests let me know and ill do what i can to try and help you despite what people say about me :blush: :)
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