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  1. I dont hate any mc caue i can kill any of them... real talk..
  2. All these cats u mentioned i have killed in pvp cave.. but never bumped into afro dying to fight him..
  3. yeah you dont have those but i didnt say you were a bad bd your an excellent BD for what you have, you got skill.. im just saying..
  4. yeah i misread oops my bad.. but still true that kaworu beat him more often than not..
  5. No disrespect to kawaru but hes not the best bd.. and u brag manley u beat him six times in a row? I seen kaworu beat your ass in pvp cave plenty of times.. you also quote a comment and take me out of list wtf? How many times i beat your ass.. wow you mad lmao..
  6. sorry lol its sapphire server, purpose is to farm, help lvl up, and kill mcs if they get in the way, also pvp cave battles.. i love to kills mcs who talk trash. What i meant b help lvl up i meant only we help people in our clan to lvl up..
  7. update new members JHOJACKBR, LOKINHAA, WARRIORBR, EXCALIBVR, OLYMPOS, darkprinz, beskentil..
  8. Well my clan is new REAPERZ and trust me i am no kid pm me if your interested same char name.
  9. You can add a new clan to the list REAPERZ clan my clan so far 4 of us.. Razablade, Orkantos, XxchrisxX, Problade..
  10. I have farmed bosses with friends and i find that people who wear arena armor get bg drops, people who wear bg armor get lab drops, but if u have bg armor you probably wont get a bg drop, or anybody wearing in your pt.. This is just an educated guess but i find it true.
  11. i beat you.... iluvweed.. maybe you were high when you fought me.
  12. The bats are fine, should of made pvp cave a little bit bigger and more pvpish lol.
  13. They say its all about luck guys, i know it sucks but it is what it is... we all have lost stuff.
  14. Raza is actually a nickname i got in the army i was razor sharp with the weapons..
  15. Nobody want to pvp me lmao i dont blame you lmao....
  16. Now that i have the freaking bg armguards, i find out that you only get the bonus once SMH...if i would of known that before i would of kept my vambraces of bodyguard :facepalm:
  17. Why mcs need to use large potion of deadliness vs elves? thats sad, cant fight regular pvp... Also mcs lose pvps and have to call on another mc to help kill elf wow pathetic.. After mc lose the fight they attack you without notice and when i pot to get my health back so it can be a fair fight because he has already hit me 3 times without me noticing because im typing he tells his friends oh razablade potted vs me he dont fight fair, what a freaking noob. I potted because you hit me 3 times before i even notice because im typing in chat.. Im making this statement so people dont think i cheat i dont cheat i dont need to cheat im too strong for that. if i lose oh well i lose, im not going to get another elf to kill the mc who beat me thats mad pathetic..
  18. UMMM... I did that's why I quoted a comment and commented on the comment quoted, not on the thread topic, duh.. SMH..
  19. REALLY LMAO I think your talking about lvl 15 you kill so much, oh shit yeah I know your the other version of rokzz lmao.. cause your as hell don't kill me.. anytime PVP!
  20. I will tell you, when I get on, all I get is PM's of ppl needing help, so certain high lvl's demand gold so that those ppl would not ask them for help and they can play and do their thang. I help someone everyday, and in turn the person I helped goes and tells another noob ask razablade he's cool he helped, next thing you know I got 20 ppl asking for help everyday.. I don't mind helping but damn chill out, I never asked for help when I was a low lvl, I did it all alone, sometimes I would team up with another of same lvl and do it. You just need to know how to play.. time shit right and avoid getting jumped by multiple. Use your GOLD wisely, don't spend all of it on one damn weapon, cause next thing you know your broke, and look all stupid with no money to fix your shit.. SMH
  21. I know its a hard drop but I want the armguards want to complete my set.. anyone have pm me .
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