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  1. In Quest 'Gangway to Caravans!' There is 'Magmors SLAID 2/15' SLAID = slain :)
  2. Hello.I was playing Warspear with my paladin Rogell lvl8, and i received quest ,,quest not found" when i click this , there is quest not found 0/1 and quest not found 0/1 ;D . I have got only two quests -Unfrids Head and quest not found . :rofl: Please fix this quest :) PS. I said'quest' seven times :D PS2. Sorry for my BAD english :D
  3. rogall

    Hello bros!

    Hello, im Ranger Rogall from eu-emerald. I am new in forum, but not new in game. I have got three heroes: Ranger Rogall lvl 15, Paladin Rogell lvl 8, Necromancer Kumkumpl lvl8. I saw many players in game , but this is my friends: Lapsuuu , Konstancja, Dirtfox and manymany other but i dont remember their nick. p.s Im from Poland.Siemka!.
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