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  1. Me just saying! barb can have extended HP regen!!! than any other clases! feel good
  2. Dear Admin, i dont know, this has been requested already! But, still Its not implemented! Like we getting Crap Gears in Swamp Qsts! (like gears/weapons with no bonus, but can sell to merchant for 200-400 gold!) i request/suggest to make the drops to bosses also! coz most of the time we dont get anything! and Steal'ers always come! with this development we can at least get some items(Can be sold for 200-400 to merchant) and we have only 5 bosses for 1000+ players at least please make crapy things drop with 80-100%. now-a-days all items are expensive and still we are getting less gold! from quests! please think of it Veteran players ... Please suggest!
  3. Please Change my name ' OneRupeeNote '
  4. Can some one explain all PALA's Expert skill with picture... Need pictures for > using skill and effect change/ If possible show up with 4/4 if already there is a link...plz link it.. i tired of searching
  5. thank yoou legion.. i go full DD ... i hope the amp might cross the mix set
  6. I'm bit confused too.. i love BDs. the below are the chars i love most.. ELF : BD + Ranger + PALA MC : Warlock+DK+Shammy almost half ...lol
  7. Barbie .. where is tht.. i wanna start a char.. h w abt the skill - -> stun by her cuteness, deadly kiss
  8. Me.. WWE smack vs RAW 2006 (or) WWE smack vs RAW 2011! which like more?
  9. Gariel . I date her --- what s the most played game in PS2?
  10. Shaman! my first charactr lvled 20 after trying all factions. lightnng ball really rocks.. like r0land?
  11. We really love you r0land you are the best - ever seen Just wanna chk how many of them...!
  12. I just really wanna thank you r0land.. for considering my topic for future http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117451.0
  13. Here I want player to say thank you or scold r0land Tell reason and say Thank you or . please be loyal
  14. Admin hav to look my topic i really love meniru
  15. abusing words... giv him a warning or punishment.. dont ban him.. he might have invetsted a lot...
  16. Dear Admin, Meniru doesn't give any spl costume or rare items. just giving lvl13 nooob items. for tht we need to collect Swamp moral x60, Death cap x30, Shaman Amanita x10. it takes 3 days atleast to get any of one requirement. mean while get beaten by opp faction. Request you to change any of the following. 1) Reduce Quest item ; Eg, Swamp moral x 30, death cap x20, shaman x10 (or) 2) make meniru to drop some rare items too - like "weapons/craft items/or any rare" (or) may "Meniru Costume . Regards, Dennis.
  17. Well said..hats off to you
  18. Bros... I wanna make Def ++ ..is fullDD give good def? i have BG x2 and DD x2 +2 Amp give 3550 def.. if i get Full DD... wat will be the hike of def?
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