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  1. this also availble in "Pocket Legends"
  2. im not going to ask..r0ly to answer this....!! cz he simply... lock this topic and say " you are Trolled"
  3. stop..talking ever char is balanced! the thing is, u should not rush like BD, cz rush is owned by BD Eg: IF u r a Caster, dont atk when im with counter-ON and dont compare! ikki with tikki
  4. ya seen it.. next op/ btw i changed my ign: itwo
  5. Shammy are noob... then try PVP with 'Darkwild' - EU server!
  6. magi defence Sheild.. yes... the game 'pocket Legends' druid have their Magic def sheild... like a Oni Eye attached in Left hand
  7. u said ... u wont participate... but now u r on the finalists .....
  8. yay! atlast im in the finalists! first time in last 4 yrs love u r0land .. this alone makes me happy
  9. so.. u and me in final lists.. whats next i wish you win the first prize
  10. i made mine to 640x480 xp!sp2... it my official sys....i cant play with now....coz they have taken admin right loong ago just used those for takin pics! now paying in Lap and samsung!
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