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  1. its true... I'm gona remove my ranger from my mc account and stick with my tank... Thanks for inspiring me bro... And yes the elves never give us a chance to go in thier side... Even if u try to stop and see is they will let you through... They wont... Like the last time i went there... I stopped right in the middle of their passage at caravna... Some of them saw me and let me go... Then the lvl 20's came and killed me... I was so pissed... So i'm gonna stay here and finish my quests and reach level 20 to kill barangers shadows... I read the whole game description... When i was there with my lvl 10 tank... I saw elves disturbing mc's while they were killing barangers shadows... But when elvs attack the shadows the mc's join in and help... So i think they should make a communication for mc and elvs so we can understand each other...
  2. I keep asking myself this everyday... "I wonder what is the final quest of the game :unknw: :blush:"
  3. Bro I need u :facepalm:
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