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  1. Buy 17 level astral armor in mc side eu-emerald, pm doombarb, eucalxd, necroh or bullshitt. Or you can allso pm me here on forum :) Got it ;D
  2. Laita tohon polliin että voi valita monta vaihtoehtoo :good: +Necroh tänään 20lv, hommasin 300xp tänään jo ;D Ja ah :yahoo:
  3. That over 550€ :shok: That allmost 400€ :shok: just noticed paypal +50% ;D
  4. Eucalyptus


    Oisin ottanu mut olin puhelimella sillo :D ei saa otettuu screenejä...
  5. It was a normal day in Eastern Caravan camp, Aster woke up early, because he had found some very old (and expencive) looking gold necklace and he was going to Nadir-Sard to sell it. His wife had made him lunch which he took and started his trip to Nadir-Sard. when he had been walking continuously for 4 hours, he started to finally see the monumental Gates of Nadir-Sard. After he reached the gates, guards stopped him, and asked, "why are you here?". Aster replied " im here to do business with the dealers". Guards let him pass and he enters the city, he noticed his stomach was growling, it was allready over midday. Aster eats the lunch his wife had made him and then goes to the buyer who was interested in buying his golden necklace. The buyer offers him five thousand gold coins for his amulet, Aster was suprised, because he didn't think it was that expencive. Aster accepts the offer and goes to tavern for a frosty ale before he goes back to home. When he sits there, drinking the ale, bartender says "you better warch out for those sneaky imp robbers when you go back to the caravan camp", Aster thanks him for warning and hides his gold coins inside his belt. Aster starts the trip back to the Caravan camp and walk for three hours, when he sees the bridge to the Rocky foothills behind the rocks jumps a bunch of those thiefy imps bartender had warned him of. Imps see his glimmering wedding ring and steal it in a blink of an eye and run back to their hiding place, giggling insanely. After an hour, Aster returns to the Caravan camp and tells his wife about the thievish imps, they decide to make a warrant of the lost ring, with a reward of one thousand gold coins. Next day a player comes to talk to NPC Aster, Aster tells him to return his wedding ring from thievish imps, the player accepts his guest. Aster looks around and sees another player, " Oh, there were two of you... In that case, bring me two wedding rings".
  6. Myy mulle halval xD, saat 200k elf puolel ;D
  7. Ei se oo, sillo ennen ku updatesta kerrottiin se oli 400k, nyt se on vaa suurinpiirtein puolet siitä. Kaikkien 18lv kamojen hinta putos about puoleen
  8. Joo o, maksoit siitä semmoset 300k liikaa ;D
  9. Someones a bit lucky? :shok:
  10. I cant go arena before u guys fix it :cray: all my tickets banked in market ;D
  11. Prepaidilla tulis vitun kalliiks :P
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