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  1. Mä jos tekisin arena shamaanin nii laittasin vaa 5 heal 5 quake ja 5 blindi = :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :blush:
  2. My new barbarians stats :D. Is level 17 now
  3. Tarkotuksena oli vaihtaa ton ekan tilalle, mut meniki sen viimesen tilalle vahingossa... -.- eikä mulla oo enää sitä entistä kuvaa xD
  4. Sit kun voitat, anna mulle jotain xD ( eioikeestitarvii) mut hienoja on :drinks:
  5. I made these with my ipad :D i dont have any good editing app... Hope you like it :yahoo:
  6. Jee oon pro 8) Ja addaa mun muutki ukot: necroh, lordjuoppo, juoponheal, iamthedoom :D
  7. Shield skill is very useful, at level 5 it adds 7% (?) to all defences. So if you use that shaman for healing purposes only i would recommend to put your points to it. And the mana cost of it is not problem anymore cause of betterer energy regeneration crystals, and if running low on mana, just dont attack boss :D in combat regenerate only half mana as normal.
  8. I used about 150 sign to make my staff +8, and got it to +9 with 5 sign :wacko:
  9. Eucalyptus


    Miks tuol votessa ei oo druidii :P paras class :)
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