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  1. forsaken map takes ages yup
  2. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. this is what i think 15+ to start a guild costs gold/mcoins (or else it will be spammed) normal guild slots=10 , to add slots costs gold/mcoins (normal in most games i think) guild bank normal slots 10-15, costs gold/mcoins to increase (normal) chain of command = 1st-Leader , 2nd Vice-Leader, 3rd to sum up -15+ start guild -guild slots -guild bank slots -leadership -guild chat
  4. hmm the fact that you're boasting about who u are killing and ur gears shows that u are a ignorant asshole,anybody with +9 gear can kill fast,doesn't matter if u killed the rouge unless he had +9sudden doom blades + +9bg revenge set too u cant say shit and ive never seen u before in my 2 years of playing must be a new player buying his way to the top$$$ :facepalm:
  5. high dmg = low att speed/low accruacy good examples are axes they get extra penetration but lose their accruacy compared to their 2h sword conterparts. but this is not the case for crossbows i think, i only got a lvl10 crossbow it has both pene+acc but im not sure about the higher lvl versions. but yea DK might have a acc problem my friend said he missed 5 times in a row :unknw:
  6. extinct

    forum rat

    The world is a better place if u died. jus saying..
  7. Its acctually only 5 arrows that do dmg before a ranger begins its 2nd salvo of arrows.( yes 1 arrow isnt a big difference but just to let u know :P) 1ST SALVO 1st -[normal hit]+[normal hit] 2nd -[powerhit]+[normal hit] 3rd - [scatter shot]+[normal hit] .....pause... 2ND SALVO etc...etc
  8. both dmg dealer classes so theyre the same
  9. i never cried i was supporting rangers u thick minded fool. i said they were balanced and that blessing was ofc their only saviour skill. nobody buys that 40% chance crap every time i use blessing i kill green mobs in 2 hits....players take 4-5 hits. my bow is +1 and i hate arrogant rangers who think theyre gods and just stand there shooting. and ur a lvl20 trying to say blessing is under 30% eveybody knows its higher.. stop trying to make it look like rangers are weak. u scared of a nerf? :facepalm:
  10. so.. quest items will be like laby gears and to get them we can join forces with other faction to finish quest easily??!! (optional) i cant wait to see the outcome of this :rofl: :rofl:
  11. extinct

    Most op class

    What a hypocrite :facepalm:
  12. yes one of them did say it was 40% but is it really :shok: ??? i bet they never even tested it themselves :facepalm: .
  13. extinct

    Most op class

    warlock 3rd ;D ;D
  14. Dont cry woman i have 2x lvl10 arena rangers with max blessing on each so dont bother about saying blessing is 30% its alot higher and every "pro" :lol: ranger kno ws this.
  15. try a shaman at +10 everything...blind ranger=most of blessing wasted then att att att att heal heal att etc ALL +10 = GODS.. THIS IS WALLETSPEAR :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  16. Dont bs dude 30% chance LOL its not even 40% :wacko: . A lvl5 blessing activates 50-60% all the time if u had lvl5 you should know this :facepalm: . Im not saying rangers are overpowered (all ranged class are op imo) but there is one golden strategy to kill rangers... and it goes like this. etc...waste rangers blessing by stunning/running/blinding druid vs ranger = ranger>blessing//sham>root then run barb vs ranger = ranger>blessing//barb>charge bd vs ranger = ranger>blessing//bd> ham?? :rofl: :rofl: cancel their blessing and you get a nice easy ki
  17. extinct

    Most op class

    This is to give the general idea of which class is the most op class to play. if you dont know which to pick just choose your favourite.
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