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  1. On your 2nd point if you do still believe the devs will implement a 1v1 system by all means do. (not that im saying its a bad idea)..

    But we have to face facts eventually If you think how many people demanded a 1v1 arena/pvp area etc.. From ALL the servers Ru/Eu/Us etc etc. The devs have heard the players but chose to ignore their request.

    Don't ask why they did, i don't really mind but some people need to stop clinging onto dreams and face facts.



    SO duckING TRUE.

  2. show off my gold?

    then i would have made a screen of my gold after i sold 2x xbow sudden doom ;D had 1,9 million gold,now 0,3....so for sure no reason to make a picture,i just dodnt have another item for sell atm,and this i would gift away...i thought ppl will have fun to guess the amount... sorry if i wasted your time ;) but ppl dont have to read or anything...and when i just would have wanted to show off tht i finally have anything +10 i would have made a screenshot...but dont worry,video of the amp will follow ;D


    i dont want drama,no need for,this topic was for fun,not for anything else




    Youre showing off.. the world would be a better place without you :facepalm:


    My idea for this problem:

    If you are engaged in battle (targeted by an enemy) and you cross 5 times within a 15 second period you are immediately destroyed by your opponents god (hit by a bolt of lightning). Consequences for intentional crossing after you are destroyed:

    • 1 equipped item broken
    • a 30 second wait for respawn at statue
    • 2 minute chat mute


    you just suck.. :facepalm:

  4. They all suck, They should go level up and stop fighting newbie lvl 15's and 16's.

    No one below lvl 19 deserves a rating, not any single one.


    actually that's pretty much the same as saying anybody with +10 gear doesnt deserve a rating. if they can stay at lvl18 then why shouldnt they? :unknw:  of course a lvl18 fighting lvl15s is noob. but you cant blame them for warspears terrible arena matchmaking. >A lvl18 vs lvl18

    and i made this poll to see who is the best lvl18 shaman not if they deserve it or not.Ill add a poll if you think they all "suck"

  5. Just ask somebody




    I did that once and the reply was  "dont trust anyone".  that is the golden rule.

    U absolutely cannot trust anyone over an internet game :crazy: :crazy:  lol its like meeting a stranger and asking for trade, unless you people have a fetish for talking to strangers. dont come complaining you 100% deserve this.

  6. Sorry for inconvenience. We are really sorry about that issues with Apple and we are expecting release in a next 2 days.

    Stay tuned.



    I feel sorry for those with apple devices and they wont enjoy the update anyway once they log on... + devs cmon its been delayed for a week or more now, it would be common courtesy to give them something for their troubles :facepalm:  oh and yeh nice "holiday update" the worst holiday update in the game so far :facepalm: :facepalm:

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