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  1. Tsja

    Best Video

    In my google translate "obnoxious" (english is by far not my native language) isn't an insulting word at all, but it has several translations. As i read it he just saying he really dislikes it.
  2. Tsja

    mc is OP

    Long range full stun. Can charge from ranger trap, earthquake, chains. Use chop so healers can not easy kite. But sure, multiple locks are OP. It is always about the locks :P But locks are not MC ;)
  3. Tsja

    Best Video

    You were far from respectfull to shawnloll. You asked what his problem was. But you are mistaken. shawnloll was the whole time very respectfull, it are his guildmembers who were less. So you were complaining to the wrong person. Avoidme was just telling you that, by asking to read again the posts of shawnloll. You try to learn others a lesson while you are the one who is actually wrong (and get angry on the person who says that). Sorry, but on this i am with shawn. Your response on his video wasn't very nice either, with that sarcasme. Where's the respect you talk about?
  4. Actually; This is how i did the relic (long time ago). No need to check a map for a short route. It is about the specific NPC's (no need to talk to a lot of the NPC's) you talk in a city which give the right or wrong answers ("don't know anything", OK then i can skip that big part of the map). People can argue about it, but this tip is a lot better than a map.
  5. On all the pictures you are standing on the wrong place for an easy kill without (least) mobs. No offense :)
  6. Tsja

    1st island?

    Because it is closed. I do not understand "it is closes so teleported to 1st island" I expect teleport to the normal island. That is logic. Lower levels can go free to 1st island, high levels has to pay to go back to the normal island. So the normal island seems a lot more logic to me. The event; You say wednesday, but you stop it at 11 AM or noon on that day :crazy:
  7. Why are we in 1st island? It costs gold to get back to the normal island... I even do not understand why monday you say it are 3 days left for the event, and after 2 days you kill it.
  8. Why are we dropped on 1st island? Now we have to pay gold to get back to the normal island. I didnt expect the event ended now because we got 2 days ago the message the event would be 3 days on. Otherwise i was out of circus.
  9. Tsja


    Hello, i am new on the forum and would like to ask how many german players EU-Emerald has. Please write the names here so i can message them in the game. Free translated from german. No i am NOT german.
  10. Welcome to my style of playing the game :)
  11. When you get drop-damage (bees, etc) outside nadir, and you run in nadir, they still have the aggro and can attack you :( Bugggg.
  12. Tsja

    cannot login

    They are restarting servers. Read the topic ;) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=96876.0
  13. Current letters we already have will get 30 days lifetime, counting from now.
  14. We get 30 days from now to 'clean' our mailbox :)
  15. Scamming a ban? Where is that in the rules? A lot of people get scammed because of exchanging, for example. Devs clearly say they do not undo exchanges. Just an example... Hacking, yes a ban. Scamming, no.
  16. cherrybia, For you the same response as for Jayrox. To me it is a scam. We only have a different oppinion.
  17. Seeing a namechange and fast registring a char with the old name.... :facepalm: But ok. We just have a different oppinion about this.
  18. Stealing a name is already a scam to me, so yes i call him a scammer.
  19. I don't think you see the point here, Jayrox. Bloody tried to exchange the name from his shaman to his DK. Because namechange is visible in worldchat someone saw the namechange of his shaman and created fast a pala with this name. It is lvl 1! I think that's a scam :bad:
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