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  1. And this mcoin-buyer totally disagree with you :)
  2. Being strong or not is relative. Without the non-amping players the amped-players are not strong anymore too ;D By the way; you are very wrong. I bought mcoins too, but just not for amping.
  3. I'm not a mcoin user either. But i was never interested in high amps/damages. It is not my style to create OP characters. I do have a million gold so i should be able to amp high. I think i take a break to reconsider my future in the game. I like low/mid amp play with helping questing players as a healer (and tank), and sometimes hunting difficult bosses with amazing heals (and almost no damage at all ;D). I was really waiting for the dungeons and going in as a healer, as an alternative for hunting. We'll see what my conclusions are. For now i am too much dissapointed.
  4. Let's buy the magical amulet lvl 10 for my barb :) That one still haves HP. I prefer almost 10% extra HP over 1.2% speed and 12 energy ;D Too bad for that useless little magic.
  5. You went up because you had a damage crystal in your staff, and are ~+6 amped?
  6. So basically we should not need our high heal anymore because of magical defense. My druid heals in +7 231, which was 274. That's a high percentage. I am very afraid for my +5 necro who is losing even more heal because of the lower amp. What kind of damage are genie, granite guard, griduar, gariel, sun/moon doing?
  7. There is a big news topic created by the devs... Maybe you missed it.
  8. Exactly. That's why this was a very bad update. Before high amped had high attack, but low/normal heal. Now they even have amazing heal in arena. 2nd normal amped players are ducked.
  9. Actually; even +10 will not give the same heal as before. It comes close, but not the same.I understand the values from arena perspectives, but for hunt/help it is a disaster. And of course high amped players becoming stronger and stronger in arena. They make the difference between a rich and normal player bigger... My +7 druid is not able to help with sun and moon anymore :facepalm: Like this i am out of the game.
  10. Tsja


    +7 lvl 17 arena weapon druid. 328 magic = 231 heal.
  11. Yes, after 1st :P Check again now.
  12. No, after 2nd maintainance heal is lowered. Max heal with +7 staff now from 270 before 2nd maintainance to 231. You can not reach your normal heal anymore. Even not with +10.
  13. I am afraid the difference between healers and melee's only become bigger :( @slay; your signature. A bd HAS died or IS dead ;)
  14. You will face healers with 270 heal in arena now, instead of 170 ;D And that's only +7 staff. What about +10 staffs ;D
  15. I do not really like this too. In arena heal is increased, but because of the new magic def the damage is decreased. In hunt heal is decreased (or you have at least +8 staff), and damage increased. Before healers had the choice for the set they were using in arena (usually more damage), and used high heal in hunt (why should the healer have high damage anyway...). Now you need to be rich for hunt, where hunt was ment to become rich. I am afraid this changed everything upside down. And the diversity of the equipment is gone too... I have 4 the same lvl 17 rings. I used a lot lvl 13 rings because of the combination astral + damage, that was not available in lvl 17+ items. Just an example of the diversity gone. Just my humble oppinion...
  16. Even without amps of the rings and amulet i have 1545/21.4% magical defense. I only switched the arena armor to the dark-def armor (sorry, i mean Magic def armor ;D) which has a crit darkdef (i mean Magic def! :P) rune in it. The armor only gives already 445 magic def. The old lvl 17 dark-def sets are becoming more interesting!
  17. Max heal decreased just because of 'low' (+5) amped staff :bad: Bye bye laby.
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