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  1. Well, you are so ignorant to 'know' what i am doing all the time and know (or do not know) of the game. I am 20 years older and can probably talking easier without trying to assualt others. Think again :)
  2. Yes, i am blind :) I do not go into all these supidity of little kids. I was only using arguments without trying to insult others :bomb: Gain another 20 years, grow up. Maybe we start talking again.
  3. Everybody ingame says different. Fine, whatever you says :clapping:
  4. Because a lock has 3 damage skills. Go play the game again if you only come to the forum to bullshit everyone with you old 'knowledge'.
  5. You quitted. I am still playing. My +7 amped druid is finished when cought once by a lock. My +5 necro is even faster finished.
  6. 1 lock can stun an unlimited amount of players, and with fear they can stun 1 player up to 10 seconds. A +8-10 warlock can kill a player in this time. Necro/priests can not heal themselves while stunned. They are finished before they can do anything.
  7. They finally need tactics and start to cry...
  8. You get that yellow lab-quest when you are lvl 18. It isn't required for the vitold-quest.
  9. I think he means lowering the amp success. Not the insurance ;)
  10. Does anyone knows how to get the vitold-quest available? Need to finish 6-shadows or something?
  11. Yup, as a healer myself i know everything about it :( That's what i ment with;
  12. My shaman has still 9 yellow quests in swamp, but is done with the 1st (easy) tower quest :)
  13. You need luck for it... Vitold is somewhere in the normal-swamp area (not kotta-area). Random teleports... the quest is go to kotta and report at kepala. Kepala gives power of ravva, and you need to random teleport to the hydra-area. A little higher than the hydra-call you find the stone. Back to kotta, and back to riff/legeon. Done ;)
  14. No, only the vitold-quest and the power of ravva (you get this quest when you finish the vitold-quest). This last quest you have to report in camp legeon/riff.
  15. I am not against amping, but signs are only available in mcoin-shop. Repair scrolls are also an mcoin-item but there's a repairer. You don't need repair scrolls. The same for Crystals and runes. There are norlants/dulls/incompletes. Mcoin-items are a little better, but you don't need the mcoin-item. Next to that i think the luck-system in the amping unfair. While amping is that much important as it is now you make a char strong just by luck? I do not get it.
  16. Spamming skills is slow for every class. There's a delay between skills. The first skill should be fast, but area-skills like teleport/earthquake/circles can be 'slow' because of bugged-positions when your char on your screen seems on the right range for the skill but on the server your position is different. In these cases the char first needs to walk till it has the right range for the skill. On your screen you see a frozen char :(
  17. Only in arena with more than 1 warlock in a team. There's more than arena :)
  18. I would say pay2Play.. even midamped pvE is impossible now.Next to the more amping-gear (while signs are not available without mcoins), removing the strategy of chosing the right gear for the right occasion, the advertisements, the new gift message when you are in arena (:facepalm:) the game develops in my oppionion not in the right way.
  19. Lab quests you get when you are level 18, at the lab ;D (and probably finished all camp legion-quests?) The tower quests you get when you have finished the vitold/power of ravva-quest in norlant swamp.
  20. I am not quite comfortable with the state the game is in now...so i stay unvoted.
  21. When i unequip my cloak with attack speed my dps also went down...
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