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  1. You seem to not understand where im coming from. Im not justifying anything its just the simple fact that im pointing out how everyone is talking to me but only a very few talk to her. I see that your still on their side because I havent seen you say one word to her perhaps your scared? I see very few neutral parties and the ones that are neutral are pointing out her ignorance more because shes suppose to be the more mature person and she started calling me racist names when I havent said one racist thing to her. But hey shes you guy's leader right? Im probably hated because Im talking about your leader boo-hoo :'(
  2. And im saying this as a friend stfu you sound dumb because its not a pointless topic its a discussion topic. Your just saying this because your filipino to :facepalm:
  3. Hmm let me ask you this What makes me noob at a video game that doesnt require skills? Hmm tell me what makes me noob and maybe ill entertain you with a response http://suddenattack.nexon.net/ try playing this game that requires real skill Where you can spend $100 and still suck oh and filipinos play this game and they all suck at it not one of them are good losers your only good at games that doesnt require skill
  4. Yep and I meant every word. But the thing is your on my back about my actions? What about talking to her about her actions? She never took responsibility for her actions which is showing immaturity especially for a 26 year old and you would thing with her starting the racist shit she would take responsibility before me. So stop talking to me and if you wanna be useful talk to her about her actions because shes just as wrong if not worse :facepalm: And im not ever gonna say sorry because i meant it and right now I wish I could say what I wanna say because I swear I would be even more ignorant but im holding my tongue :bad: Details: I dont wanna call them filipinos I wanna call them something else :bad: :bad: :bad:
  5. I took responsibility for my actions if you would read I said I regret them but I dont apologize for them. I also mentioned I was being just as ignorant as them. So read the comments and you would see I took responsibility. But the thing is do you see moonlight taking responsibility? No you dont she havent even mentioned that she was being ignorant. Shes ducking 26 im 17 in reality you really should be giving her this talk and not me :wacko:
  6. And here comes the pathetic google image searchers for more pointless kiddy pictures :facepalm: If your gonna have pictures make it funny as to where it would appear funny to both sides not funny to one side because in that sense your being just as ignorant
  7. Cool story bro you know your missing a big war right?
  8. Eventually if you see your flipo friends being racist the racist side in you will come out to just like those other flipo people did in pvp cave so like i said ALL flipos are racists And provoke? Oh so your saying me calling her retarded makes it right for her to say duck niggers and all niggers should die? So it makes her right? Its funny how you flipo people try to comment and try to make her actions seem fair. ducking retards -_-
  9. Legion haha you need help killing my level 13 shaman. You asked a lvl 17 bd to help you kill me in pvp cave. Now he dies everytime I see him which sucks for him. Because he really goes to pvp cave alot. But anyway its a shame that you pathetic elves have to gang a lvl 13 :dirol: You guys even ask others to help kill me lmao so pathetic :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  10. "All filipinos have unity" Stfu with that fortune cookie bull shitits purely racist nothing less all you flipo people are racist and everyone in that noob clan is racist so stfu flipo
  11. get a grip noob isnt even a real word its just a word made up by nerds to offend other nerds, if i havent played an online multiplayer game before i wouldnt even know this word existed
  12. Im saying relax -_- I dont understand why people get offended just because someone calls them noob anyway :facepalm: Its not like this game requires any actual skill anyway So why get so offended because someone call you noob?
  13. Calm down man myself and others have gotten away with saying far worse things. I doubt they will ban him just for calling Eu server players noobs. So just chill out :friends:
  14. Lol why would they ban? Hes probably just joking. Stop taking everything so seriously
  15. Very very true like how she was suppose to pvp manley but he ended up getting like 3 vs 1 by her and her noob friends :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. And all 5% of the killers would be mc :dirol:
  17. Sulti

    Daily Deals...

    Snorlax I have a few questions Is the update coming this month? Is the clan feature coming with the update? Can we make suggestions on the daily deals? For the update are all factions gonna share the same island? Please answer those itll be much appreciated
  18. Tell what to the topic creator?
  19. Thank God for google translate :spiteful: serious turn. I still leader of the gang shitheads embarrassing. Why not defend his disciples to bald? concentrated egoism just turned the e Yun. hard words just go on the habit. therefore turned to mc the naglilipatan pinoy elf. lmfao from the looks of this it sounds like your dissing moonlight but your very cute by the way :give_rose:
  20. Holy shit that Mario picture had me laughing so hard :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. Sulti

    Daily Deals...

    Ok thanks :good: Although I would like to see a 50% off sale on the Red Musketeer :yahoo:
  22. Sulti

    Daily Deals...

    Why have the Daily Deals gotten more expensive? Today's Daily Deals are Signs for 328 but just a few weeks ago when they were on sale they were around 269 why have the daily deals gotten more expensive? :unknw:
  23. Aww did I hit a nerve? So the real question is ARE YOU MAD??? lmao :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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