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  1. The word "noob" doesnt exist in actuality its nothing more than "nerd slang"
  2. Hitmen your a retard What you said was irrelevant and retarded as hell
  3. Yes please do and while your at it put the date and time your going to do these cc quests
  4. No Im saying like ok what if that barb done like you and you just happen to walk in pvp cave to get an item from your friend the barb can make a quick switch and drop you with his high amp ranger
  5. ... WHAT???!?!? What does that have to do with anything? A rouge can attack a ranger a bd can attack a barb etc etc wtf are you even talking about
  6. Switching wouldnt be as fast which could have a major impact lets say i kill a low level in pvp cave they can easily switch to they high level high amped ranger and kill me
  7. Im glad to see that you just proved that mcs only help friends with chainless and stuff
  8. I miss the old times when high level mcs wouldnt just let an elf walk over mc land and wouldnt spend all his time in lab :facepalm:
  9. And another thing its a real shame mcs would walk passed another mc thats getting ganged up on just to go to market :facepalm: Like you gotta be kidding its not like the market closes so whats the big rush of getting to the market?
  10. I would suggest that devs not allow people to play both sides on the same account that should balance it out nicely because its too many mcs that are soft and wont kill elves because they play elves and its really messing with the order and teamwork within the faction...
  11. I hope you change your description because it looks like your dick riding
  12. Oh really since when? When was the last time you have seen this be truthful.. Bottomline mc side is falling apart and not like it used to be. I seen mcs just walk passed when they see another mc getting jumped
  13. For me its any noob elf that gangbangs in pvp cave when its none of their business
  14. Sulti


    Farming is when you kill bosses (usually red crown) for drops. The drops include equipment which can be used for your class or sold or could contain spheres which can be used to amplify your equipment
  15. This is the truth blessing is so dumb. Its way to strong :facepalm: Try pvping a ranger with blessing and he does double damage sometimes he may even get lucky and do triple or even 4x damage not to mention the crits in blessing :facepalm:
  16. I swear that made me so mad when I seen it on sale again :facepalm:
  17. Well now that you mention it quests are harder on mc side and lab starting out is harder on mc side. But hey like I said I dont mind keeping the lazy noobs on elf side :drinks: When you get to 2nd island on mc side you start off with yellow crown bosses. One of your first quests involve killing 3 yellow crown bosses which if your level 12,13,14 you cant solo. Also your very first red crown boss on mc side involve killing a druid. Which unlike pirate captain possess moon or sun damage (idk which) And not many high levels who help out have good def against that. So yes quests are harder on mc side. Oh and one more thing when your level 13 the winged demoness which is a yellow crown boss has some mobs. You attack her once and your getting mobbed by like 10 snakes which adds some serious damage
  18. At level 4-5 yes it does maybe you should stop criticizing players and classes and just go back to farming or something not like half the people on here are involved in any war anyway :facepalm: The devs do a great job of making the classes balanced and Its not an easy job trying to balance every class. So be thankful that you have devs who care enough to balance the game upon request
  19. Whos crying? I sure hope your not talking to me. Maybe you should just stfu next time because you sound dumb. We are just discussing classes so get over yourself :facepalm:
  20. actual my permanent level 14 character has a +8 staff full moon set and I heal 140 with full moon set. But try getting rushed by 2 barbs before you have a chance to heal or shield yourself and see how its turns out for you since you like calling people noob YOU NOOB :diablo:
  21. You guys do gang up and its level 14s and 15s that I never seen or heard of before that do it. Ok a scenario from yesterday. I was playing on my rouge and a lvl 15 ranger kills me without signal for no reason. I go stealth and try to kill him next thing you know some noob level 13 14 and 15 bds gang up on me. Now I gotta PM some mcs because I get mad because of them. Now its war there and take over time.Bottom line both sides have their noobs mc and elf has its faults. Mcs have more noobs that attack for no reason (very few though) Elf just have noobs that gang for no reason especially since you just try to take revenge and get your kill back. Now I try to control the cave as best I can since I go there alot with my rouge. I get on mc for attacking for no reason. and I dont help them when they get ganged for it. But itll be a much cleaner cave if both sides minded their own business and let the noob gankers die
  22. Its blind skill which is the 4th skill and at level 5 you will be going in circles for enough time for the shaman to steal about 4 hits :wacko: I like quake skill to because its even more op now that it adds damage to multiple targets and it hits crit :clapping:
  23. I think they just dont see it from elf point of view if they did they would definitely change their minds about the skill set :drinks: I was an elf and I saw how powerful rush skill is at a high level you can steal at least 4 hits using that skillI think barbs shouldnt level their chop because in my opinion its only a good chasing skill
  24. They didnt barbs were always sorta good. That rush skill is super good at high level. Have you ever faced 2 good barbs in arena who knew what they were doing? Its a nightmare especially for a healer :facepalm:
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