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  1. Because Jaw you have no point to prove and calling me a spammer because I post on the forums is completely dumb on your part and if I spam because I post on the forums then your a spammer to and so are the devs because they post on the forums as well so have a nice day pussy. Oh and for the future you may wanna learn better English and buy new shoes. Because those shoes you got on are completely trash. And your clothes looks like they are to small for you. Maybe Ill send you some hand-me-downs to indonesia...
  2. How do I spam? Is it because I post? Isnt that what the forums are used for posting? Am I allowed to post? Im sorry if the warspear community disapproves of posting on forum.
  3. Then why did you comment?
  4. Lmao I was waiting on you to say something to me. First of all why would I wanna be famous on a game thats not even really popular? Second of all its just a duckin game who cares about being known oh wait I forget you dont have a life so you really care about being popular over a video game? Cmon now. Lastly you wanna learn proper English or what?
  5. Callie isnt even your character The characters you create from the start are duckin weak your scared to pvp me with your own characters So dont think your all pro because callie isnt even yours....
  6. I dont get wrecked by you lmfao as a matter of fact when we did pvp in that arena I actually beat you but I didnt speak about it (I honestly should have) I didnt take a screen shot now If you wouldve beat me now you wouldve been all over your screen shot camera right? Oh and ps I did in fact rape your noob druid in a pvp with 1.2k hp to spare So think twice before you call someone noob OH and one more thing the person that "uses" your druid is scared of manley lmfao it seems to me that all of you filipinos fear manley :lol: :lol: :lol: I quote this is what the person using your druid said "I love niggers" " I love the way niggers dance" Dont believe me? Ask manley lmfao But then again I guess your country is so uneducated that they dont know that the correct term is African American right?
  7. My rouge never disturbs thats the thing odin.. But when I came back to kill a ranger that disturbed ME she helped the noob and she seems to always participate in wars at the cave Now shes putting up screen shots thats completely uncalled for and irrelevant that me and other's have seen 1 million times so what are you trying to prove? Now if I put up screen shots of you using pots for that 1 kill and your a druid your gonna look stupid right?
  8. You dont know the name of my rouge but you said you dont play your elf character and I called you out on it.. Just admit you made an honest mistake
  9. Explain the screen shot then? And look up I edited my post just for you :give_rose: So not only do you gank mcs but you also brag about it on forums? Oh but you didnt screen shot how you used like 3 pots for 1 kill on me right?
  10. Lol you still play callie.... so stop lying Not only are you the biggest liar I've seen on this game but your also the biggest hypocrite Your a trader to both the mc and elf faction because you still gank mc with your elf. For ex: I was in the pvp cave with my rouge (keep in mind I never gank pvp cave with my rouge) I get killed by this noob ranger for no reason I go back to kill the ranger and your helping him? Wtf is wrong with you just stfu because you play both sides and betray both sides and the biggest disgrace this game has ever seen
  11. Those people you listed above I rarely see them in "pvp cave" So how do you know they good at pvp if they just camp in lab all day? Let me tell you the people that shouldnt be in your list Analyze Bongxdem Lieukaka Chronoz Patahhati Healerz These are people that rarely even come to pvp so why would you put them in your list?
  12. Lol coming from a lvl 14.... Enough said
  13. WHO ARE YOU??!?!?! Oh wait I remember you your that no name noob who cant level up his characters to above 10 but claims he loves the game so much right? Oh and btw keep jumping on mc at pvp cave and you will never be allowed back there
  14. You used like 5 pots for 1 kill on me :facepalm: I wish I couldve recorded that to see how many pots you used. But keep it up maybe devs would make you customer of the month
  15. I just wanna catch Eisha going to lab one day I will wash heals
  16. Damn Erikalt your butt buddies with Beastmodes to? :shok: I always knew you sucked rangerweed's dick but this really cuts it
  17. Erikalt is the 2nd biggest racist in the game we all know who the first one is...
  18. I just cant believe Eisha still think its cute to be hated :facepalm:
  19. Beastmodes clearly isnt the sharpest nail in the box...
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