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  1. Tibia me has way to much storyline seems like its for nerds
  2. Omg is afro gonna talk about me next :shok:
  3. they are clearly unknowing of who the real skinheads are and what they do.... damn foreigners get some education :facepalm: its like me having a clan called the kkk
  4. You're the.smartest elf i know
  5. Swaaz sucks so even if he did make a mage everyone could kick his ass with their eyes closed
  6. Thanks to this little shaman named Hopzz that inspired him :blush:
  7. tig bitties...... :give_rose:
  8. ICED :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  9. Im loving the bottom part of the poll ::)
  10. Yea hes a perm level. You dont have to be level 20 to be an old player ._.
  11. Why do you guys want more island the new islands are already shitty enough
  12. What happened to your other forum account?
  13. Yea trueblue has helped me serveral times also when i was an elf. In my opinion hes one of the coolest elves you will ever meet he will help you quest wise and arena wise and hes very strong for a level 14 and yes he is a very old player ::)
  14. Just get some friends that are on 2nd island and pm them when you have a boss Im sure 85% of the time they will help you thats how I get all my characters off first isle ::)
  15. I say we just keep jumping him.... All he does is bring other elves and start war anyway
  16. On US server most of the time the daily items arent even in market and if they are the average i buy them for is like 850 but yes they are very expensive because your only getting 10 items for over the price of a scroll
  17. Not at all I made this topic as a suggestion
  18. Pvprange please dont flock your ass over to mc side no one wants you over here disturbing the mostly peaceful mature mountain clan community PS: I seriously hate how all these noob ass elves migrate over here and bring their stupid elf attitude totally not neccesary :facepalm:
  19. Sounds to me like Guwer came on my post just to complain................
  20. If you played the game the way i play it you will understand why i have no time to do dailys
  21. Psh your the one to talk about immaturity...
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