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    Ranged Hamstring?

    Well I will take it as lag I suppose. But I also dont like the critical percentage chance. Its way to likely for a high level on low level which is unfair in my opinion because you already have better damage and defense the last thing i need is to be owned in 2 hits because the power hit seems to be always the only critical hit they get. I dont like how with arena gear comes resilience because it seems to unbalance the game. Im not much of an arena type guy I really dont like doing arena because of the levels and the partner status. I rather just wait until someone from my clan logs in so we can kill elves for fun or for chainless.Oh and my last complaint its unfair for 2 level 14s to face 2 level 15s because they always seem to have arena and bg gear which makes it completely imbalanced. :facepalm: Thanks for all who read this! :good: Feel free to comment on my concerns PS dont say you face level 15s when its no one else to face in your level because it seems to always happen even when its 15+ requests in arena :facepalm:
  2. Is the BD hamstring skill suppose to be ranged because im sick of getting hamstringed when im like 5 or 6 squares infront of the guy or is it lag maybe? I doubt its lagged though but considering Im low level and all once I get hamstringed Im done for :facepalm:
  3. Lol I had to make a new account commenting on this but killing elves never gets old :lol: I especially find it funny when elves make mc accounts just to rage at me through pm some of the stuff i seen? Here it is! "Pvp noob" "1 vs 1 me and you ill rape you noob" "you and rokzz are gay" "stupid noob" So on and so on its just really funny to me :lol:
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