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  1. Psh I think people forget what year it is.... We live in a day and age where technology is part of our everyday lives. It can make you or break you. Money doesnt even have to be in physical form anymore it can be somewhere through a computer only accessible by guess what?? An internet connection. People can get their lives saved by a technological machine. I dont care to much about E love all im saying that its possible.. but you wont ever catch me doing it  :dirol:

  2. Playing both sides is lame and noobish to me thats why im for allowing only one side to choose per profile they should bring that back but no your not a traitor youll be a traitor to play both sides but if you switch to elf you wouldn't be a traitor at least not in my eyes go ahead bring your clan there elves need it.. after all whats the fun in hunting without more game

  3. Well the topic speaks for itself but why would people wanna add pets to this game? I dont understand what pets would accomplish this game isnt like any other mmo it adds its own style and uniqueness that makes it extremely addicting... But if anyone is for the idea of adding pets please tell me why

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