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  1. Soulheal

    i quit

    u will be missed for sure :(
  2. I killed lord orphan solo too, with my pala that is.
  3. There are many such kinds of these suggestions. Sorry but, this suggestion is good, but not practical because pets are not the main objective of this game. Also, it will be hard to control both pets and character for simple phones that use symbian
  4. Here's how to do it : 1) Click on the button interact 2) Click on the square where the ice queen is standing 3) Then start attacking the ice queen while staying on the spot :) gd luck to all
  5. Brilliant idea! But hope that everyone thats hoping for this to work has extra mcoins at hand for this happen :)
  6. Soulheal

    abn deleted

    Thats nice. :clapping: Would be fun but, 3x3 arena?
  7. Devs cant help it. Tapjoy sponsored devs so that Tapjoy could advertise their apps and stuff, and with us, the players patronizing, using these apps and stuff, Tapjoy would earn money and then devs get money too, and us players get mcoins. Reason why PC and symbian cant get is because they cant find a sponsor like Tapjoy, so lets just live with it, im symbian too. :)
  8. Solution to stealers would be easy but time-consuming. Just retake duh quest and do it again lol ( if you have time)
  9. :crazy: Ok i have been laughing at some people who do "Norlant Aqueducts" quest and i think u people really dont know how to do it to get the best rewards and all. Number one: Goes to Master Vaiz takes quest and goes back to Zeneth -Haf without even bothering to explore. Number two : Hits random enemy faction and gets killed himself lol. Not main point but funny still :lol: :lol: :lol: Ok so here's really how to do the quest. 1) Drive lapari to far platform when talk to Master Vaiz. Kill it and take filter crystal. At here, u cannot get any drops but will enable u to get drops. 2) Go back to Master Vaiz and click "Head to next Mechanic" 3) Here's where the drops start coming. U have to kill some mob like the lapari and but however, u will get a filter crystal and a random item, it always changes. (randoms from crystals to everything) 4) U will repeat this process 4 times, which is 4 times to get 4 drops. Then u will go back to Master Vaiz then Zeneth-Haf. Drops collected so far from Norlant Aqueducts( not quest reward) : Lavalier of Inward Power, Lab Bow, Lab crossbow, Moon ring from lab, Chased ring and many crystals plus one GREEN EGG :lol: :crazy: . Sorry today Kiyomi(Eisha)hit u in Norlant Aquducts. Accident i come in peace ;D Lastly, remeber not to attack enemy faction or death shall follow :diablo: or steal spawned mobs like lapari, wyvern, frogl, gnoll and mad mechanic.
  10. Goes to some part of swamp, gets swarmed by stealhed rogues lol
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