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  1. Holy cow, I wish I had found this topic before posting on the suggestion board. Almost every quest need corrections, it's really obnoxious. I think I'll create a new character just to correct the quests. I'll begin posting from the quests I see from now on. I'm currently on Irselnort, I'll post everything here. So I'll begin with the quest that's currently active for me. Gift For Ally Reric first speech: Puma Clan dwelled in Irselnort long before this lands became separate Island - these times during a Great Breaking the world Arinar fell to variety of pieces... Clans o
  2. When I play games I actually like getting immersed into the story, so reading the quests description is a must. I find it rather boring to do quests that I don't even know what I'm doing. It would be pointless to do something I don't know about. So, it is a serious problem when I'm doing a quest for an ingredient that will be used for a potion that is in my inventory because the quest that is chronologically after the one I'm doing also got out. It's a serious flaw to let plot holes like that unfixed.
  3. I made the account for the sole purpose of complaining about it. Plus, I've now also found plot inconsistency. During the mountains faction questing, at the snake clan's set of quests, there was a specific set of quests regarding a potion to speak to animals. It asked for some ingredients in different quests. And, the quest for the last ingredient got out at the same time that the quest that gives the potion, done and ready. So now I must quest to gather an ingredient for a potion that is done and is on my inventory. Seriously, fix that.
  4. So, your game is fine and all that, but seriously, get a new English translator. The devs are clearly not from an english-speaking country, as one can observe from the blatant grammar and syntax errors, sometimes even typos. Seriously, this messed up translation make your efforts sloppy and unprofessional. It would improve the game a lot if you fixed such mistakes.
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