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  1. yea happens because you uploaded it twice maybe try do this: delete it from uploads in the edited topic and delete it from your post than click submit than re upload it and add it once in your post
  2. this used to be the best activate forum post in history of warspear, lets make it active again ill start with my post the 100 streak, Happy Easter all admins and mods and fellow members
  3. oh no, i did understand your points and if what you are saying is truthful i agree totally, than record it and upload video on support section in a new topic im just curious how the pylon isn't destroyed while 0 people defending it
  4. stage 2 is 15 minute right? each pylon is 250khp if im not mistaken how u cant do 250k damage in 15 minutes what are you guys using, lvl1 staff? rush mid pylon and destroy it, 3 people with +5 weapons can destroy it in under 10 minutes, to be honest now i\m interested so see how you guys failing to destroy that pylon
  5. its changed now to the sum of physical and magic i think recheck latest update of skills
  6. this is me when i noticed there is a new contest, ok @Holmes ok, challenge accepted, @Akasha ill make one guide so amazing your gonna give me that octopus book i have been farming for it for 2 years
  7. we loged already 5min ago killed all raid bosses also jajaj
  8. i have that issue because of my slow laptop i usually put the skills on hotkey, its mostly related to your device and fps
  9. what is this? honestly i dont know where is this even related to hallway event overall thank you for the fixes
  10. US-Sapphire Server disconnect/reset after chaos event of today, check your database if can please and give everyone who joined the event chaos buff + chest + reputation depending on top10 all server didnt get anything even those all completed the event 1 second before it finished the server offed and nobody got anything
  11. issue is, it isn't anywhere even checked all map
  12. look pictures stage 2 unlocked but cant reach it, we already killed everyting even tho was super hard, did u unlock stage2? (those few left over mini ads just respawn non stop)
  13. how to reach stage 2? both mini red dots has nothing near them and reach stage 2
  14. Fastest Way to run Spring Dungeon 2021 Tutorial Door 1: Blue: Boots Activate all 3 levers to unlock boots Red squares will stun you, but keep running thru them Green: Medusa Kill Medusa to unlock mirror buff Door 2: Blue: TnT Kill Minotaur to unlock Bull Heart Green: Frogs Kill each 3 group of enemies to activate the 3 towers and unlock Focusing Crystal *IF YOU NOTICE DOOR 4 IS GREEN, DO THIS 1ST BECAUSE THIS IS THE FASTEST ONE IF YOU KNOW THE CORRECT PATTERN* Door 4: Green: Runes 2 ways: There is 4 spheres lets call them 1234 from left to right click always 1 than 3 if 3 turns on blue than continue with 1 than 4 if 3 turns on red than continue with 2 than 4 You need activate 4 doors out of the 8 total to unlock boss room (check other guide posting it soon how to do all doors) Spring Full Map 2021
  15. i suggest removal of vampyrism effect or some skills to negate enemies vampire buffs, healers becoming useless in dungeons to be honest due to the high damage high vampire, maybe a reduction of vampyrism should be done by half or replaced with a new stat maybe one that makes it not a waste that people bought accessories but anyway yes necros and priests are really becoming less and less in sapphire best necro skill ive seen is the skeleton skill in war/gvg best priest skill ive seen is redemption skill in war/gvg maybe lower the cooldown on revival for necro/priest than ull see more people playing this class but to be honest i think if u add a bonus (venom) that disables enemies vampire or lowers it like u can lower enemies accuracy, that will make healers more efficient in the battle field and dungeon Available: blind <> accuracy sap <> damage debuff <> buff reduce def <> def slowness <> speed reduce attack speed <> attack speed trap <> disable movement silence <> disable skills hex <> disable skills + disarm stun/sleep <> disable movement + skills + disarm nightmare <> cooldown Not Available: disarm <> disable auto attacks and attack skills only venom <> disable/lowers enemies vampire stats time wrap (turn back in time few seconds removing buffs/debuffs/damage) maybe new skill for necro/priest
  16. Полная весенняя карта 2021 года (отредактировано Zeus), если вам нужна чистая карта, дайте мне знать, я могу загрузить ее, также получайте удовольствие, наслаждайтесь весенним событием
  17. Full Spring Map 2021 (Edited by Zeus) if you need a clean map let me know i can upload it also have fun enjoy Spring event
  18. Link for Full map: https://ibb.co/0hfgZZ5
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