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  1. keep ur drama in game i wont respond to kids on forum
  2. in snow GvG skill buffs gets removed after entering the GvG, in mermen skill buffs stays chieftain +50%speed boost with relic boost is 10sec+40%boost = 14 second if entered late into the mermen stage 1 it last till he reach mid it can easily be changed made like arena system enter and remove all current buffs applied on character than apply silence till crown is taken, it matters alot what is fair and unfair and after reported the bug several times still no changes made after many updates why we are asking? no post only regular talk, is it going to be fixed anytime soon? it is a bug to have any buff applied before mermen and still be able to receive it after stage 1 starts yes or no?
  3. @Peony @Akasha @Holmes @snorlax @Nolan It already 3month+ since reported and confirmed to be fixed and not fixed chieftains abusing speed buff in mermen stage 1 to take crown fast, i only demand full disable of skills once enter stage 1, like how arena system works, its not hard to make it possible why still not fixed after 3 updates passing by do we need to spam forum for bugs to be noticed? any class keeps the buffs when they enter mermen stage 1 late, but seeker invisibility gets removed because it off his ability to keep it active, but war chieftain doesn't need the ability, because its a buff that is pre used, i hope can fix this as soon as possible mc guilds abusing this bug to their advantage also in grotto chieftain allowed to use speed skills while having torch
  4. full cd mage + medusa + tp pots + guild blessing skill (6-7second per time wrap jump) +60-80 second more (huge difference gap) than chieftain also its clearly impossible to beat chieftain +50%speed
  5. How to beat mc skill chieftain which can be used under attack mode making him super fast and run grotto high speed, also other bug chieftain still not fixed its been more than 3 month reported and confirmed with evidence All server ss:
  6. he didn't spawn yet since more than 1 day as far as i know, i can show ss proof but its easier for you to check by yourselves @Holmes @Peony @Akasha @Nolan
  7. @Akasha @Holmes @Peony @snorlax @Nolan Happy Warspear 13th Anniversary as we say in arabic hope the 100th Also thank you all moderators
  8. what level are you? this build for lvl32 if you are lvl32 than it should work 1 expert 4/4 and 3 experts 3/4 this is a must 3/4 and pick 1 of these for 3/4
  9. dungeon in party or solo farming bosses or hybrid overall Weapons: i would really recommend 2 handed magic for more damage aoe, but if u really want 1 handed than get the lvl30 spring magic mace has pene also in it, u dont need stun in pve so either the spring one or the horror mace with vampire or the fury snow mace well i said lvl30 but depends on ur lvl ofc skill setup if full pve Gear: mix of heavy and light still is the best but u can go full heavy set also i would recommend the armor and helmet heavy, the other 2 either heavy or light, but try pick ones with pene, enchant ur gear with supportive runes and crystals (fortitude,fury,accuracy,critic) Base skills: heal 5/5 aura 5/5 fetter 3/5 (ur purify skill at 1/5 or 5/5 wont matter much if using full magic weapons) (notice i didnt mention agro 5/5 becuz if ur going to lvlup illumination u dont need worry about agro, u only need max agro if ur doing raid boss farming and u want full control by beating other tanks and stealing agro) Expert skills: sacred shield 4/4 (even if ur solo u can use it on ur minion it helps alot increase ur hp 1st with prayer before using it, sacred shield depends on ur max hp even if ur 1hp/10000, it still counts the 10k not the 1) illumination 3/4 (helps agro and damage enemies) Inner Force 3/4 (helps make u survive at lower hp u can use sacred shield at lower hp for maximum effect of it) last one u can choose full supportive or offensive either 3/4 prayer (for more heals, depends on ur hp not ur magic) or 3/4 light skin (for more defence, if ur gears are below +8) or 3/4 banner (for more damage output vs enemies) goodluck and u can ask me anything always here about paladins
  10. aw heyz i just noticed ur reply, hmmm pve or pvp? it matters also if in pve than in what situation tanking is there any ads or only a boss is it dungeon or where pve
  11. Captain Giant Octopus episode 2 (Unforeseen Consequences) @Miraimomo Sheo!! you thought you could escape me that day! but i followed your smell of fear and i have found you here. Sheo's sailor mates came into his room the next day and found water marks all over his room, nobody knows what happened to him.
  12. post here lets revive this topic: also post more details about you, faction + server
  13. when people think your rich as duck, but in reality your one lucky son of a bxxxh
  14. They are called rare for a reason, making it unbind-able thus becomes not rare.
  15. @Akasha @Holmes @Nolan dont forget add the guides to each proper section to help out new players discover what they need
  16. getting 1500 mcoins back http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/2013/08/ego.gif
  17. ajajaj i knew it xD yea np not those 2 books, give me a bit time ill see which one to choose no rush
  18. Was pleasure working on the Paladin Guide it was a duty more than contest for me, i should have done it way long time ago but this contest motivated me to do it, i wont stop here tho ill post more guides in each new update that comes just for mentor other new players, it was really fun and thank you for journey. I have read all other guides also i think the judges decisions were fairly, to be honest i had doubts im going to win even i thought you wanted templar or chieftain guide but i care more to do paladin guide because i know im the best paladin to help get it done! i based my guide on 3 things: 1. Demand on guide 2. Visual and Written guide (+pleasing to the eye) 3. Not boring numbers, but real true guide step by step (because new players dont know how or when to use skills) sorry for the boring talk thank you again @Akasha @Nolan and other judges and gratz to others also very good guides all
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