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  1. wow great work bro i love it Zeus solo rottung nice nice
  2. 1. for all the guild i asked them 2. yes there was some 3. will test it again in real server to see if any issue ^^
  3. honestly im not sure if this topic/bug was already called upon but here you go, ill post 3 pics proof but if you video proof you have to wait till my video finish uploading on youtube about the event fully done, there is like 4-5 areas full smoke, very bad visually even tho previous area cleared of ads, you can see we arent getting damaged from the smoke but visually its disturbing thank you
  4. hehehe no its okay ty for your time bro
  5. Sneak Preview of Horror Smileys, Costumes, Weapons, Accesories
  6. what contest? was sneak preview for horror, should i repost it without mentioning the giveaway like others did?
  7. 3 random comments on the video will get 2set sign give away for US Sapphire players only
  8. i wana say few things: 1. im amazed by the new mechanics and new ideas of the dynamic event, gona be interesting i noticed some very very new mechanics 2. guild event activation button hell yes! 3. cool new bosses and scary themes, u have out done yourselves devs ty 4. i cant wait for test server to be up to discover all of it 5. i didn't yet understand Baron Saturday mechanics from the info but thats perfect, more secrets to uncover 6. Best New Stuff are: Fifth stage “Horned madness” the mechanics of the bulls i love it please tell who ever came up with that idea special thank you from Zeus also this “Activate” button 7. also this looks interesting in dungeon mwhahahahha
  9. Didnt forget xD thats useless in warspear hehehehe well.. U know what i mean, also why calling it mage 😛 ik they similar but shes known for it also
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