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  1. so at lvl3-4 if i use it on ally, paladin gets it also? can u make it at least if at lvl3-4 can self cast it also? so no need someone beside you to cast it on
  2. 3620 u mean area u mean we already could use it on an ally, i dont understand, whats new?
  3. Bets Total Gold currently: 1.1 million BET system stage1: 20k/BET on any player u want to choose that might win the tournament stage2: 40k/BET u can BET as many times as you want on same or different Names, zeus will note everything and in the end of the tournament the prize pool of BET will be split upon those who chose the correct winner of MvM2 example stage1: James bet 40k on Zeus , George bet 20k on Zeus James gets 2B for zeus , George gets 1B for zeus zeus wins MvM2, BET money is 6million James gets 4million and George gets 2million you can contact me ingame this tournament for THEMERCS guild and BET is for eveyone in sapphire server elf side List of who vs who stage1: (Highlighted = won already his match) Gladiator 8B Velixious Khuletsz Espoir Mvbrother Irondome Urshmakin Maxpain Comexereka Sieghard Prometheus Yown Zeezoooooo Swagathero 13B Jahad Lelouch Shiu Selabd Lighthawk Rvtarcher 3B Adiashole Yummy Cirenk Moody Ichigo Zerogie Anggellina Mrkishan Tommygunz Xdxantx Makkia Blckpedant Zha Nerro Whendrop Upsurge Aprilya 2B Burhan Sidharths Inoue Zeus Asmailz Chikako Elwinoa Putang 29B Zarlok Xgnalapx Bitter Ryder Mrdamian Mystllivrl Cyberplay Abee Kaido Dprotector Sugardady Greatnezz Psykhe Raphaelo Magicbombs Sub and follow THEMERCS on youtube for daily videos on the tournament
  4. Join BET 20k/B after i live stream who vs who in MvM2 next week, US sapphire elf side only BET system prize pool will reach 5m+ gold
  5. Additionally, for the author of the best work, we've prepared an unique award - any item of equipment from the Horror Circus! when u realize 1/5 gets the good stuff
  6. Skylore Online Game play series subscribe and follow to keep up to date
  7. wow great work bro i love it Zeus solo rottung nice nice
  8. 1. for all the guild i asked them 2. yes there was some 3. will test it again in real server to see if any issue ^^
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