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  1. Ill post a tutorial video on how to switch ur QWERT into 67890 keys again it, after i finish watching avengers end game tonight
  2. Increase of Castle Warehouse with guild lvl lvl11-12 doesnt increase members, it increases town warehouse capacity by +10 right? can it do the same with castle warehouse? or maybe put a guild castle pocket for it also or same pocket as town guild warehouse how about it? 50slots doesnt seem enuf for much for pots/scrolls/relics ty for your time
  3. THEMERCS US sapphire one still completed but the name and time of it, were removed, idk if thats a bug or not @Reivenorik if u want to confirm ^^ ty
  4. GvG and Solo dungeon and amazing graphics thx devies and admins Cant wait for update ^^ will help out in testing bugs at test server
  5. im not good in drawing, but for everyone who is checking this comment and going to participate in the contest i want to check if you would like to join me in making a tutorial video for this contest ill gather your personal ideas and software/application you use to help assist you in making the pixel art, ill also add your costume into my video when you finish it, if anyone interested please contact me here Example: we talk either in text or voice or video call and help make a tutorial video for Best Costume contest 2019 good luck to all who's participating may the odds forever be in your favor
  6. Be ready today for 3rd live stream including: KTL mini game and Give away will start stream after 1-2hour max be sure to subscribe and follow for notifications these 1st and 2nd stream, stay tuned for the 3rd which is after 1-2hours
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