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  1. lallouss

    New Icons

    @Akasha awesome icons ty
  2. lallouss

    New Icons

    Congratz on the forum new icons i dont know if its been awhile like this honestly its 1st time i noticed it lmao
  3. 100% cooldown gives u -50% timing on ur skills not -100% and 100% cd is the max stats u can get will make fetter 14sec into > 7sec
  4. well this was before update of cooldown skills heheh
  5. hahaha i see ur lurking on forum but not ingame
  6. ty pank you i started with outer shape of it to look like the real image, where is yours tho? hehe come on post it ur cute livi ty
  7. " At the bottom of the sea where ships and explorers lost their life, few people have witnessed these creatures. Known for being peaceful the Sea Horse Tribe was magical creatures that protected their homeland but on a faithful day in the great war, Garaan vs Harad and Nuad battling shook the earth and sea breaking the Sea Horse Tride homeland, 1 special species only survived. They hid beneath the surface where the dark fragments of elven fleet lost during the assault of Maliat. Adventurers called them Calypso, known for the Godess of the sea creatures, very hard to tame them they said, but 1 warrior found out how and unlocked the mysteries of Ayvondil." Healer / Support minion 1: Magic Transformation (Blade Dancer expert skill) 20sec cooldown Surrounds player with a shield which consumes a certain amount of damage dealt 2: Paladin's Prayer (Paladin expert skill) 20sec cooldown Increases the player maximum health by 40% for 14 sec, and instantly restores the amount of health equal to the added value. Once the effect has been applied, the targets maximum health will drop by 25% of the added value every 4 sec 3: Resurrection (Priest expert skill) Instantly resurrects player, and transports him to Calypso (can be used once only) 2nd option of activation of Resurrection: New key introduced in reviving: upon death your given an option of reviving same place using: mcoins/revive scroll or revive at town New key: revive beside your minion Player wont be able to use resurrection beside minion if minion is killed or if resurrection was already used once per minion Zeus / US - Sapphire
  8. update soon enough i was thinking of some fixes in castle as im sure they are updating it also Rottung Air boss interferes with people coming to buy stuff from market thats okay i guess maybe but maybe the distance is an issue, can it be done maybe add an extra option to sell castle items at towns? So summary: 1. Increase of slots in castle warehouse 2. Secondary option to sell castle items at towns 3. Castle warehouse info log ty in advance
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