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  1. ah that makes sense now that u explained it perhaps i should install the app again and give it another chance
  2. its too weird not getting xp per kill. just cant do it.
  3. wat can i say? its in my blood. i grew up playing final fantasy 1 and on and dragon warrior 1 and on and chrono trigger. all grindfests. its wat im into. this game is wat ur into and that's ok. i must play games that give experience per kill. and that's ok too.
  4. i wouldn't call that too much work considering that the mmo i currently play i spend weeks in the same spot grinding the same monsters. im lvl 5,000+ so it takes me over 2billion xp to lvl now.
  5. its just not for me. my whole life has been playing games with intense level grinding. its what I'm into.
  6. no xp per kill? nope. uninstalled.
  7. i started playing this game and was really enjoying myself until i found out no xp per kill. i noped right out of game and uninstalled.
  8. so there is no level grinding?
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